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Our Team


Dr. Ed Stetzer
The Billy Graham Distinguished Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism
Executive Director, Billy Graham Center

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John C. Richards, Jr.
Managing Director

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Laurie Nichols
Director of Communications

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Colleen Cooper
Executive Assistant to Ed Stetzer

Jean Kliebhan
Assistant to John Richards


Dr. Ed Stetzer, Chair, MA in Evangelism & Leadership; MA in Missional Church Movements
Dr. Rick Richardson, Director, MA in Evangelism & Leadership; MA in Missional Church Movements
Dr. Jerry Root, Professor of Evangelism
Christina Walker, Associate Director, Academic Programs
Dr. Dave Pederson, Associate Director, Missional Initiatives

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Dr. Rick Richardson, Director, Billy Graham Institute
Andrew MacDonald, Associate Director
Dr. Michael Hakmin Lee, Research Fellow 

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Institutes & Missional Initiatives

Evangelism Initiative 

Dr. Jerry Root, Director
Jean Kliebhan, Coordinator

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Church Evangelism Initiative

Dr. Rick Richardson, Director
Jim Lundgren, Associate Director
Kerilee Van Schooten, Coordinator
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Institute for Prison Ministries

Dr. Karen Swanson, Director
Sarah McKillop, Coordinator
Laurel Larson, CMCA Coordinator 

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Rural Matters Institute

Wes Holland, Program Administrator

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Send Institute

Daniel Yang, Director

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