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About Us

About Us

The Billy Graham Center is a world hub of inspiration & training for mission and evangelism.

We fulfill our mission in three ways: through training & equipping, through networking, and through resourcing.

Our training takes on a number of forms: teaching and preaching in churches, classrooms, and conference settings; providing online and print evangelism training tools; and mentoring one-on-one and in group contexts. We also offer Masters-level studies in evangelism and leadership and missional church movements through the Wheaton College Graduate School.

We train those in leadership roles (pastors, directors, heads of organizations, emerging student leaders), as well as Christians of all ages and walks of life in direct response to the New Testament command that all believers are to be Christ's witnesses in the world.

We also serve as a global hub of missions and evangelism networking for those in church and parachurch ministries, as well as those in the academy. We strongly believe in the multiplying power of the gospel if we work together as the Body of Christ, sharing best practices and resources to reach our world for Christ. To that end, we have networks for church planters, church pastors, rural pastors, and those in correctional ministry. We also hold several large and smaller gatherings throughout the year to train the Church in evangelism.

Finally, we are deeply committed to providing relevant, thoughtful evangelism and missions resources to equip the Church to show & share the love of Jesus with others. The research arm of the Center is focused on providing current data to give us a fuller picture of how we are doing and where we need help. Additionally, the Center has a host of blogs, podcasts, printed resources, and videos all centered on training Christ-followers to more effectively their faith.

The Impact

Each year, nearly:

  • 100,000 people are equipped in evangelism, in person and online
  • Nearly three dozen Christian higher education institutions are moved towards developing an ethos of evangelism on their campuses
  • Over 1,000 inmates and over 300 correctional trainers are trained in personal evangelism
  • Over 1,000 church leaders attend our conferences and networking events
  • Over 100 senior pastors journey together in a cohort that trains them in personal evangelism and in how to turn their churches into those that see growth due to conversion