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Wheaton in Pictures

These photos taken by junior Paul Vermeesch '18 offer compelling glimpses into his experience at Wheaton over the past year.

Tom O’Connor, ’18, Jesse Dunn, ’18, and Max Pointner, ’18 with Dean of Student Engagement, Steve Ivester, on his sailboat on Lake Michigan.

Michael Yep, ’18, James Husni, ’18, and Jesse Dunn, ’18—members of the student band, Ivory Mixtape.

HudsonTaylor Brown, ’18 with his Viola.

Two students dining over the fireplace in Anderson Commons.

Jonathon Neumann, ’17 on the set of a short film for Opus: The Art of Work.

A self-portrait of Paul Vermeesch, ’18 working abroad over the summer on a Moshav in the West Bank.

Max Pointner, ’18 in our Terrace Apartment.

Nicholas Muzik, '18, and his mustache, Hemingway, in the Smoky Mountains during fall break, 2016.

Grace McClusky, ’17, Nicholas Muzik, ’18, Rachel Poel, ’16, and Paul Vermeesch, ’18 in the Smoky Mountains during fall break, 2016.

Paul Vermeesch, '18, outside Jenks hall.