Financial Aid: Stories of Affordability

Our Financial Aid department helped these four students make their Wheaton education affordable, and they're available now to help current applicants.


Andrea, Austin, Monica and Stephen were thrilled to be accepted to Wheaton, but they weren’t sure how they were going to pay for it. Our caring and knowledgeable Student Financial Services team helped each of them find resources to make their Wheaton education affordable.

“The people in Financial Aid were so personal with me. They jumped through every hoop with me and assured me that they were going to help me get a Wheaton education.” – Andrea ‘15

“You never know what opportunities God will open up to make a place affordable for you. I ended up getting enough help from Wheaton to actually be able to attend, and I’m so happy that I did.” – Austin ‘17

"My dad is a pastor, so we didn't really have the capacity to pay. So we started to pray a lot, and I got in touch with the Financial Aid office." - Monica '17

“I applied and I got two memorable letters. One was from the Admissions office saying ‘you’re accepted.’ But the more important letter was the one I got from the Financial Aid office saying, ‘you got in, and you can come.’” – Stephen ‘15

If you’re considering Wheaton, be sure to connect with  to explore your options, and check out Stephen’s Top Three Wheaton College Financial Aid Tipson our student blog, #MyWheaton.