Rwanda at Wheaton

In their quest for an education across the world, two neighbors from Rwanda came to meet at Wheaton.

Richard Ndekezi, a Wheaton undergraduate student, and Emmanuel Ndolimana, a Wheaton College Graduate School student studying systematic theology, are from neighboring towns in Rwanda, but they didn’t know each other before coming to Wheaton.
Drawn by the first-rate courses, top faculty and thorough integration of faith with every aspect of learning, Richard and Emmanuel have seen God’s hand powerfully at work in bringing them here, and in bringing them together to form a unique bond of friendship far from home.

Shortly after Richard arrived, he heard that there was another student from Rwanda on campus, and they quickly connected.

“It was an incredible experience,” said Richard. “When I came to Wheaton, I hadn’t heard of any other students from Rwanda or Africa. I didn’t think I would meet anyone else from Rwanda. On the first day I met Kevin Engel (Interim Director of Development) and he told me there was another student from Rwanda coming to Wheaton. When I entered Anderson Commons for dinner, we immediately met. It was an amazing thing. I loved it. I love him—Emmanuel is an experienced pastor and he takes good care of me as his young brother. It’s funny because we can remind each other about things in Rwanda and talk to each other in Kinyarwanda.”

This summer the two met in Rwanda while home for break to continue to encourage one another, and to, of course, remind each other about things in Wheaton.

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