What is Your Wheaton Experience?

Students were asked to submit photos that epitomize their Wheaton experience. More than 200 submissions were received ranging from slip’n slide in Traber Dorm to meetings in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Our judges, chosen from among Wheaton faculty and staff, named nine winning photos and ten for honorable mention. The winners were recognized at this year’s Class Films. Beyond mention of the rigorous academics and deep spiritual life at Wheaton, we learned a lot about what the students see as a part of their Wheaton experience.

  1. Students study everywhere. Coffee shops, dorm rooms, Blanchard lawn, and beyond, students take every opportunity as a learning opportunity.
  2. Students love the roller disco. Neon clothes, sweatbands, and 80s gear showed us that the Roller Discois their favorite student activity. The President’s Ball came in close second.
  3. Students have a deep appreciation of God’s creation.  From sunsets at  HoneyRock to the sunrise in the Grand Canyon, students submitted a wide array of breathtaking images with mention of “God’s beautiful creation.”
  4. Students love haircuts. To our surprise, we received many photos of haircuts. Apparently Wheaton students love a good haircut!
  5. Students love their friends.  Many students sent in photos with their friends and shared that their Wheaton experience would not be the same without them.
  6. Students are adventurous.  From camel rides to climbing mountains and jumping off waterfalls - students do it all!
  7. Students see their Wheaton experience as global.  More than 50% of the photos submitted were from Wheaton experiences around the country and the globe! Twenty countries were represented in our Wheaton Experience photos.


Winning Photos

Honorable Mentions