Mark Persson '14

A single conversation brought him to Wheaton. Life-changing opportunities are keeping him here.


When Mark Persson’ 14 was a senior in high school, he took the train into Chicago one afternoon and found himself sitting beside a Wheaton College student who had just attended Wheaton’s annual theology conference.

“He told me about the incredible speakers, and he actually told me that I should apply to live on a specific floor.” Two years later, Mark found himself living on that very floor in Fischer Hall. “All of my closest friends have come from that floor, which has been a huge blessing in my life.” When asked what he likes best about Wheaton, his response was simple: “That’s too hard. I love the people."

Since coming to Wheaton, Mark has been involved in a variety of activities across campus and around the world. He says one of the highlights of the last three years was when he and a friend decided to spend one of their school breaks in Indonesia. “We went to do a soccer ministry with Christians and Muslims on the island of Java and had some incredible opportunities to share the gospel.”

Mark also says his involvement in Residence Life has been one of his favorite experiences at Wheaton. “I love working in Residence Life because it is where people change, and I get to be a firsthand participant and observer. Also, I have greatly benefited from the accessibility of the staff members.”

Mark chose Biblical and Theological Studies as his major and says that although he knew quite a bit about ministry from being a pastor’s kid, “I keep learning that I have more to learn.” He recently applied to the Christian Formation and Ministry master’s program, which will allow him to gain a master’s degree through the Wheaton College Graduate School by taking graduate courses his senior year and completing one additional year in the graduate school. “It’s a really convenient and helpful opportunity at Wheaton,” says Mark, who hopes to pursue a career in pastoral ministry.