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Farewell Thanks from the Class of 2012

In honor of Wheaton’s 2012 graduates, both undergraduate and graduate, we offered space for them to publish a few parting words of gratitude to a faculty or staff member of their choosing. As you read their notes, we invite you to pray for the recent graduates and rejoice over the Lord’s good work in their lives, in Christ Jesus.

Dr. Scottie May, Thank you for being willing to push your students into disequilibrium. Transformational Education will always remain with me, I cherish the readings you gave, and I thank you for your courage and faithfulness. - Adam Behnke

Dr. Read Schuchardt, In more ways than you know, you facilitated my mind turning from "off" to "on." Never drift away from the horizontal or vertical search, for that is why you are here, and there are many more minds God wants you to turn on. - Adam Behnke

Dr. Joireman, You are committed to a high standard of research, professional conduct, and educational performance. Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy!!! But you also go out-of-your way to involve undergraduates in your other communities at home and church. I will always strive to carry these examples of high standards and Christian discipleship with me. Working under your supervision has been one of the most important parts of my collegiate career. Thank you. - Adam

Dear Wheaton, The last four years have been life changing. Leaving is bittersweet. Christ is magnified at this place. - Alexander Asinof

Thank you Dr. Mark Amstutz for being my advisor and close mentor all these years. - Alexander Asinof

Thank you staff for all your diligent work to make the school run smoothly. - Alexander Asinof

Dr. Johnson, thank you for showing me what faith is about and how to live with compassion and humility. Your example and teaching have formed me into a better person and I will be forever grateful. All the best, Alyssa Edman

To the professors of the School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership: Thank you for reminding me of Whose I am and for gently urging me towards Him. And Scottie, thank you for believing in me and in Him when I did not know how to. - Amanda Brunetti

I would like to thank Dr. Colón and Dr. Davis for showing me the skills necessary to effectively teach secondary English. Beyond teaching me skills, however, they have used the vehicle of their teaching of writing and literature to guide me through the type of critical reflection needed for following Christ. I know that I will look back on their classes and guidance after graduation. - Amanda Temple

Dr. Joireman and Dr. Anderson-- Thanks for sharing your passion for justice and truth with me and exemplifying what it means to be a thoughtful scholar and faithful Christian in the field of political science. -Andrew Flavin

Dr. Heather Whitney- You have been an amazing agent of God's grace and love for us and your students these past years. Thank you for giving selflessly of yourself for the sake of others out of your Christlike humility, empathy and compassion. - Ben Sawyer

Dr. Brabenec, Thank you for teaching me how to integrate math with my faith, with humility and vulnerability, and sharing your love for the beauty of mathematics. - Caroline Hornok

Dr. Delzell, Thank you for being a tremendous role model--your wisdom and encouragement have been pivotal in my life. - Caroline Hornok

Thanks to the professional officers and non-commissioned officers in the Military Science department. May the legacies we develop for our soldiers be reflections of the legacy you have instilled in us. - Carson Wren

Gary Burge - Your words and classes gave me a renewed desire to study scripture. I can honestly say that your classes interested me more than any other I took at Wheaton. Thanks. - Daniel Downey

Dr. Johnson - Your passion for theology is inspiring. Thanks for mixing your intellect with your spiritual passion. - Daniel Downey

Dr. Chase - Your classes have changed the way I perceive the world around me. Thanks for investing in and caring for each and every one of your students. - Daniel Downey

The faculty and staff at Wheaton College have had an insurmountable impact on the individual I've become. Thank you to the professors and mentors who I have had the privilege to encounter, and for the time taken to invest in me as a student. - Darlene Campos

Dr. Wilhoit, Your humble and self-giving spirit, both in teaching and life, is the natural outflow of your deep gratitude for that which the Lord has blessed you, especially the Gospel. What a privilege it has been to know you and witness Christ in you! - David McHale

Coach Bradley, Your commitment to Christ in all things, especially in the way you coach, continually challenges me and provides an example of what relentless obedience to Christ looks like. Thank you, Coach. - Dave 'Dmac' McHale

To the Elementary Education Department Professors: You all have been such a blessing in my life these past four years! Your commitment to the Lord was so evident, and you encouraged me in my faith while teaching me how to be a God honoring teacher. Thank you for truly caring about all of your students as individuals and for inspiring, encouraging, and challenging us each day. Thank you! You are wonderful! - Elisabeth Potts

Dear Dr. Beth Jones, For four years I have been privileged to work closely with you as your TA and to absorb your wisdom and grace. Your love for God and teaching is very evident and has impacted me greatly. Thank you! - Ella Myer

Thank you, Dr. Philip Ryken, for your intentionality with students, as evidenced by playing on an IM Soccer Team with me and inviting students to your home. This is profoundly meaningful. – Gabe Chase

Thank you, Dr. Gary Burge, for teaching me how to read the parables of Jesus. You helped to make the New Testament come alive for me. – Gabe Chase

Thank you, Dr. Keith Johnson, for stretching me profoundly in my reading comprehension, challenging me to think like a theologian, and exuding a deep pastoral care for your students. – Gabe Chase

Thank you, Dr. Read Schuchardt, for instilling me with a deep awareness and critical mindset of the technological environment that we live in. – Gabe Chase

Thank you, Dr. Kenneth Chase, for the love you have for your students, your transparency, and the great conversations we've had. – Gabe Chase

Thank you, Goran Krstic, for teaching me that it is physically possible to shatter a student's ID Card with an overzealous card swipe. – Gabe Chase

Dear Dr. Morrison, Thank you for inspiring us to be the best teachers we can be, while at the same time maintaining an incredible capacity to deeply love us as students and sisters in Christ. I have been deeply blessed to know you. Love, Grace McCutcheon

Dear Dr. Egeland, From Cathedral Pines to emails in Honduras, you have been a constant source of empowerment, accountability, and care. I really admire who you are and how you worship God so steadfastly. Thank you for your service to me these years. Blessings, Grace McCutcheon

Dear Dr. Lederhouse, Thank you so much for always being an exemplary teacher and caring advisor. You have inspired much growth in my life, and I will be forever changed (in very good ways!) because of your presence in my life. Blessings, Grace McCutcheon

Dear Dr. Root, Thank you for your curious nature that is contagious. I want to seek to be in awe of God in every moment of my days as you do. Thank you so much for your life, and for caring deeply for me personally. I am so grateful. Praise Him, Grace McCutcheon

Dear Dr. Eckert, You are a supreme example of serving Christ and everyone around you. I am so grateful especially for how you have challenged us to seek justice each day. Thank you for everything you've done on our behalf. Praise God, Grace McCutcheon

To Dr. Burge—Your teachings both inside and outside of the classroom have been invaluable to me. I will always appreciate your interest in the life of your students, helping us to grow in our biblical knowledge and in preparation for life outside of Wheaton College. Thank you for being a wonderful professor and friend. – Hillary Truty

To the current and emeritus faculty and staff of the Chemistry department: I am humbled that the Lord allowed me to learn from you these four years, both in studying chemistry and in being supported and encouraged by you. I could not have imagined such a beautiful academic community. – Jacquelyne Read

Dr. Amstutz, Thank you for helping me keep the fire in the belly! – Joel Burt

Dr. Harkrider, Thank you so much for your passion for what you teach and how you care for your students! – Jonathan Sweeting

Dr. Johnson, Seriously, you are the man. Thank you so much for engaging your students and being a wonderful professor. – Jonathan Sweeting

Dr. Halteman and Dr. Howard, thank you for introducing me to and sharpening my knowledge and skills in economics and finance, but most importantly, thank you for teaching and demonstrating how a Christian should think about, and interact with, the marketplace. – Joshua Walker

I would like to thank Dr. Greenberg for showing me that I have a geologist inside of me waiting to encounter this world. I have been insecure in my major and felt inadequate at times, but Dr. Greenberg has always encouraged me and measured me by my growth rather than individual scores. Through his patient, diligent, and challenging guidance I have grown so much and feel prepared to go on to graduate school. – Bucky

Dear Wally, My time at Wheaton would have been far less rich without your constant encouragement, vulnerability, trust, and support. Thank you for making me feel valued as a child of God. – Kara Wadenstierna

Dr. Jennie Brown, thank you so much for the many ways that you supported me not just as a flute student, but as a whole person. My life wouldn't be the same without having studied four years of flute with you!" – Karen Brubaker

Dear Dr. Lewis, Thank you for teaching biology with passion and gusto! Your algae-appreciating student and TA, Kristen Anderson

Dr. Bacote, Thank you for igniting my interest in theology through the Christian Thought class at HoneyRock, and demonstrating doctrine's importance for lived spirituality. I appreciate how you followed up with me recently, encouraging me in whatever I end up doing. – Luke Schleicher

Dr. Bacote, Thank you for being the greatest influence I've had in my 4 years at Wheaton. Our relationship has influenced and shaped me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for your love and wisdom. Love, Matt MaLossi

Kevin Sheehan: Thanks for four years of loving service to the IT Support Techs. I appreciate your obedience to Christ's call at Wheaton, and God bless your work at Trinity! – Matt Traylor

Special thanks to Dr. Davis, Dr. Milliner, Dr. Loomis, Dr. Vlachos, Dr. Lane, Dr. Benson, Dr. MacKenzie, and Dr. Walford from Matthew van Putten. You have all challenged and supported me. I have not only learned, but I have truly grown through our interactions. Sincerely, Matthew van Putten

To Dr. Keith Johnson: I want to thank you for the way you love us students in your Christian Thought class (and I assume in your other classes, as well). I really felt challenged to seek out why I believe what I believe and to embrace it by standing in the power of Christ. I'll remember your class (and the birth of your first son, as well) every time I think of Wheaton. God bless you and your family! – Moire Yue

Never have I met a more gracious person than Professor Felicia Bertch. Her acceptance makes all feel welcome, her commitment to students inspires respect, and her pursuit of excellence--both personal and professional--inspires us all on to greater heights. Many thanks! – Rebekah Nivala

Dr. Kriner, Dr. Foster, Dr. Bieber-Lake, and Dr. Colón- I loved having classes with you because of the excitement you have about what you're teaching. You made learning fun, you encouraged me, and you challenged me to be better—thank you so much! – Sarah Dulin

Dear Dr. Kim, Your passion for sociology and deep care for people inspire me to follow God more closely and love people more fully. Thank you. – Sheree

Dr. Keith Johnson, you taught me how to think about theology. It is because of your Systematic Theology class that I can articulate my faith and have conversations about it. Without your guidance, humor, stick-figures, and humble attitude, I wouldn't be heading toward Seminary. Thank you for following God's leading that brought you to Wheaton! – Thea Zeller

Dear Dr. Jeffry Davis, Thank you for investing in my life and challenging me to grow far more than I ever thought I could. Your friendship and teaching will not be forgotten. Blessings, Wendy Jennings

Dr. Davis, I sincerely thank you for that short singular quad where my mind and my heart were kindled with the art of rhetoric, and where I was emboldened to passionately pursue the life of a Christian rhetor. – Zachary Kwong