ChicaGO Service Day

New students at Wheaton start out the year with ChicaGO Service Day, an experience that plants seeds of service that often grow through their college years and beyond.

New School Year Kicks Off with ChicaGO Service Day


On August 22, 2016, 550 students boarded 13 buses and headed into Chicago to work with 19 organizations for ChicaGO Service Day as part of Wheaton's new student orientation week.

Whether it's cleaning an elementary school, processing compost or painting a church gymnasium, ChicaGO Service Day provides an opportunity for Wheaton College students to show the love of Christ to their community through service. But the impact of the experience often lasts much longer than just a day. 

The Seeds of Service

For many students like Alyssa Spradley '18, ChicaGO Service Day is a catalyst for plugging in to the many ministry opportunities on campus all four years at Wheaton and beyond, ultimately cultivating a lifetime of service. "My faith not only enhances my desire to serve. My faith is the reason that I serve. Service is a foundational part of our identity as Christians," says Alyssa. "And it's not just in a specific ministry you do or a specific group you're part of, but it's in everything you do."

Opportunities to Serve

There are many ways to serve at Wheaton. Through the  Office of Christian Outreach (OCO) you can learn more about service opportunities such as:

  • Christian Service Council- Respond to God's love by ministering to your neighbors in the Chicagoland area.
  • World Christian Fellowship- Increase your awareness of the global church and how you can participate in both international and local contexts.
  • Spring Break Ministries- Go on a BreakAway trip, an annual missions trips that take place over spring break.
  • Summer Ministries- Learn through service as you spend the summer with Global Urban Perspectives, Student Ministry Partners, or Youth Hostel Ministry.

Share Your Service Story

Are you involved in service at Wheaton, either on your own or through one of the OCO ministries? We'd love to hear about it! Share your service story online using #wheatonserves, and let's celebrate how God is showing his love through the service of his people.