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The third annual “Wheaton Experience” photo contest received more than 500 photo submissions and close to 90 participants this year!

We asked students to share photos that epitomized their Wheaton experience and judges from across campus narrowed it down to 10 winning photos and 15 honorable mentions.

With more than 500 photos of everything from dorm raids to sunsets over the Black Hills, we learned a lot about the diversity of the Wheaton experience. Here are a few of our observations:


Whether it’s a  semester abroad or a  spring break trip we are always surprised by the things students bring a camera along for.

Dorm life

Students love their dorms and shared photos of so many activities that take place there, including raids, floor worship, and Friday afternoon tea.


HoneyRock is a big part of the Wheaton experience. Whether its photos from Passage, or the WIN program, we received close to 50 photos of HoneyRock (especially sunsets and starry nights).

A new perspective

We received awesome aerial shots of campus, and several photos of a students using quadcopters to take  pictures. We were impressed.


We received many photos of our  Wheaton Thunder athletes praying before or after games, and we love that prayer is a big part of their Wheaton experience.


Classic jumping shots from around the globe - we could have made a whole gallery of students jumping on campus, in Chicago, in the Holy Lands, on Spring Break… pretty much everywhere.

The city

Students really take advantage of the campus’ close proximity to Chicago. We received beautiful photos of The Bean, bikes, and incredible shots of Chicago architecture.