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2016 "Capture Wheaton" Photo Contest

The fourth annual “Capture Wheaton” photo contest received more than 250 submissions.

We asked students to share photos that epitomized their Wheaton experience and judges from across campus narrowed it down to 5 first-place and 5 second-place winners.

First-place winners receive an AppleTV and second-place winners receive a Diana camera.

See some of the top entries below.


See more of the top 50 entries in our Facebook gallery >>

With hundreds of photos of everything from camels in Israel to friends chilling on Blanchard lawn, we learned a lot about the diversity of the Wheaton experience. Here are a few of our observations:

Experiential Learning

Whether it's  or a summer , for many students a key part of their Wheaton experience includes serving and/or studying around the country and overseas.

Dorm Life

Students love their and shared photos of so many activities that take place there, including raids, floor worship, and Smith-Traber 2E Oktemberfest.


is a big part of the Wheaton experience. We received some beautiful photos showing off HoneyRock's glory in all four seasons.


Doing life together is one of the most important parts of many students' Wheaton experience; we received many photos of people just hanging with their friends, which are simple but beautiful examples of the times that bind us together as a individuals and a community.

Blanchard Hall

 might be the most photogenic building on campus. We received 14 shots of Blanchard at various times of the day and the year.


Classic jumping shots from around the globe - we could have made a whole gallery of students jumping on campus, in Chicago, in the Holy Lands, on Spring Break… pretty much everywhere.

The City of Chicago

Students really take advantage of the campus’ . We received beautiful photos of The Bean, bikes, and incredible shots of Chicago architecture.