Chelsea Medic '14

Hometown: Greensburg, Pennsylvania 

Current Town: Los Angeles, California 

Major: Communication (Media Studies) 

Minor: Art (Photography/Media) 

Extracurricular Activities at Wheaton: Symphony Orchestra, Water Polo, Student Ministry Partners (SMP), Discipleship Student Groups (DSG), Pui Tak ESL Volunteer

Favorite Wheaton class or professor: This is too difficult to answer so I will be very diplomatic by giving two answers. My first semester at Wheaton College I took Dr. Brian Howell’s Intro to Anthropology class and my second to last semester at Wheaton I took Dr. Sarah Kornfield’s Communication Criticism class. Among many wonderful classes and professors, these were the two that were the most eye-opening, intriguing, and that most contributed to my ability to think critically and function intentionally (as opposed to passively) in today’s culture and society.

Current job(s): Owner of The Soap.Bar; Production Assistant at DreamWorks Animation

Post: " An Animated Introvert in L.A."