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#MyWheaton Alumni Blog

Name: Justin Lovett 

Hometown: Dushanbe, Tajikistan 

Major(s): Communication (Media Studies), minor in photography 

Favorite Wheaton class or professor and why: I have three favorite Wheaton professors: 

First, Professor Greg Schreck because his class fit me very well. He teaches in a way that is a little bit abstract, with a lot of theory, and in a way that implements photography theory into the lessons. It made me think about why I am taking images, how I am taking images, and what these images are doing. I also really like how much he implemented community art in his lessons. 

Second, Professor Leah Samuelson taught Community Art in a fun and pragmatic way. You can’t help but learn when you are taking her classes. I took her Community Art class during my first semester at Wheaton, and later I would realize that everything I learned in her class fits perfectly with film and photography. 

My third favorite professor is Professor Joonhee Park. I actually never took one of his classes, but if he hadn’t encouraged me to go into film, I would never have changed my major and focused on filmmaking. Like I said earlier, get life advice from your professors, not your peers.

Post: " A Passion for Filmmaking"