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Diversity Resources

Listed here is a brief snapshot of resources available in Buswell Library regarding various diversity topics.

Please feel free to search Buswell Library for a far more comprehensive list of the resources on various diversity topics. These are in date order.

Edited by Robert J. Priest and Alvaro L. Nieves, This Side of Heaven: Race, Ethnicity, and Christian Faith, Oxford, NY: Oxford University Press, 2007.

Race relations--Religious aspects-Christianity; Ethnic relations--Religious aspects-Christianity; Ethnicity--Religious aspects--Christianity. 

Edited by John D. Buenker and Lorman A. Ratner, Multiculturalism in the United States: A Comparative Guide to Acculturation and Ethnicity, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2005

Minorities--United States; Multiculturalism--United States; Pluralism (Social sciences)--United States; Acculturation--United States; Ethnicity--United States. 

Edited by Ann M. Johns & Maureen Kelley Sipp, Diversity in College Classrooms: Practices for Today's Campuses, Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, c2004.

Minority college students--United States; Discrimination in higher education--United States; Educational equalization--United States. 

Conde-Frazier, Elizabeth, Kang, Steve, Parrett, Gary, A Many Colored Kingdom: Multicultural Dynamics for Spiritual Formation, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, c2004.

Christian education; Multiculturalism--Religious aspects--Christianity. 

Edited by Stuart Greene, Dawn Abt-Perkins, Making Race Visible: Literacy Research for Cultural Understanding, New York, NY: Teachers College Press, c2003.

Reading--United States; Multicultural education--United States; Race awareness in children--United States. 

Hawn, C. Michael, One Bread, One Body: Exploring Cultural Diversity in Worship, Bethesda, MD: Alban Institute, 2003.

Multiculturalism--Religious aspects-Christianity; Liturgics. Christianity and culture--United States. 

Levinson, Sanford, Wrestling with Diversity, Durham NC: Duke University Press, c2003.

Multiculturalism--Law and legislation--United States; Multiculturalism--Religious aspects; Human rights. 

Shuler, Clarence, Winning the Race to Unity: Is Racial Reconciliation Really Working?, Chicago IL: Moody Publishers, c2003.

Race relations--Religious aspects-Baptists; Reconciliation--Religious aspects-Baptists; Multiculturalism--Religious aspects-Christianity; United States--Race relations. 

Lane, Patty, A Beginner's Guide to Crossing Cultures: Making Friends in a Multicultural World, Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, c2002.

Cross-cultural orientation; Intercultural communication; Multiculturalism; Multiculturalism--Religious aspects--Christianity.

Edited by Manuel Ortiz and Susan S. Baker, The Urban Face of Mission: Ministering the Gospel in a Diverse and Changing World, Phillipsburg, N.J.: P & R Pub., c2002.

City missions; Missions-Theory; Evangelistic work. 

Edited by Richard A. Shweder, Martha Minow, and Hazel Rose Markus, Engaging Cultural Differences: The Multicultural Challenge in Liberal Democracies, New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation, c2002.

Multiculturalism; Multiculturalism-Case studies; Toleration. 

Edited by Brian K. Blount and Leonora Tubbs, Tisdale, Making Room at the Table: An Invitation to Multicultural; Worship, Louisville, Ky.: Westminster John Knox Press, 2001.

Worship; Multiculturalism-Religious aspects-Christianity; Public worship. 

Goodman, Diane, Promoting Diversity and Social Justice: Educating People From Privileged Groups, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 2001.

Social justice; Multiculturalism; Upper class-Attitudes; Social conflict; Conflict management; Social psychology. 

Edited by Joseph G. Ponterotto, Handbook of Multicultural Counseling, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, c2001.

Cross-cultural counseling; Multiculturalism--United States; Minorities--Counseling of--United States. 

Cortes, Carlos E., The Children are Watching: How the Media Teach About Diversity, New York, NY: Teachers College Press, c2000.

Multiculturalism in mass media; Multicultural education; Mass media and education; Mass media--Social aspects--United States. 

Macedo, Stephen, Diversity and Distrust: Civic Education in a Multicultural Democracy, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, c2000.

Public schools--United States; Moral education--United States; Citizenship--Study and teaching--United States; Liberalism--United States; Multiculturalism--United States. 

Edited by J.Q. Adams, Janice R. Welsch, Cultural Diversity: Curriculum, Classroom, & Climate Issues, Springfield, IL: Illinois Staff and Curriculum Developers Association, c1999.

Multicultural education--United States; Multiculturalism--United States; Children of minorities--Education--United States. 

Edited by Deborah A. Prentice and Dale T. Miller, Cultural Divides: Understanding and Overcoming Group Conflict, New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation, c1999.

Ethnic relations; Culture conflict--United States; Intergroup relations--United States; Multiculturalism--United States; Ethnopsychology--United States; United States--Ethnic relations.

Edited by, Theodore M. Singelis, Teaching About Culture, Ethnicity, & Diversity: Exercises and Planned Activities, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, c1998.

Culture--Study and teaching --Activity programs; Ethnicity--Study and teaching --Activity programs; Stereotype (Psychology)--Study and teaching. 

Edited by Martin M. Chemers, Stuart Oskamp, Mark A. Costanzo, Diversity in Organizations: New Perspectives for a Changing Workplace, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, c1995.

Diversity in the workplace. 

Wlodkowski, Raymond J., Diversity and Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers, c1995.

Multicultural education--United States; College teaching--United States; Minorities--Education (Higher)--United States.