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Diverse Staff

Are there any other professionals of color, besides faculty, who work at Wheaton?

Complementing the excellence of faculty is the College administrative, professional, and support staff. In many ways, the synergy of the faculty and staff is formidable in their ability to provide a Christ-centered, holistic challenge and support for students both in and out of the classroom.

The Human Resources Office, in conjunction with each hiring division, has the unique challenge of recruiting this diverse staff and administrative team here at Wheaton.

As of October 2015, full time Ethnic Minority participation at the College was:

  • 13.1% Faculty
  • 8.2% Administrative
  • 15.4% Middle Management
  • 14.8% Professional
  • 10.8% Support Staff
  • 37.5% Trades 

Finally, the leadership of the College on the Board of Trustee level has been intentional in the recruitment of a broad cross section of people. It is significant to note that in the past decade Wheaton has developed a consistent presence in all three boards. This is reflected in current board participation. The Board of Trustees has three African American and two Asian American members. The Board of Visitors has three African American and two Latino American members. The Alumni Association Board has one Asian American member and one Middle Eastern American member.