2016-2017 Awardees

2016-2017 Awardees

Hardware for Scientific Computing Cluster - $30,000

Dr. Becky Eggimann | Chemistry; Dr. Darren Craig | Physics and Engineering; Dr. AJ Poelarends | Physics; Harvard Townsend and Neile Havens | Academic and Institutional Technology

This project is funded both by the Academic Technology Grant and by $24,000 in funds from the Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering departments. These funds will go towards the purchase of new hardware for the scientific computing cluster, doubling its capacity. This will address ongoing availability concerns and allow students and faculty to conduct research more readily.

Gathering Data for International Political Economy and Political Research Courses - $7,000*

Dr. Timothy W. Taylor and Dr. Hannah Stolze | Business and Economics

This proposal will purchase one-year software licensing and funding for an upcoming study of United States citizens' opinions on U.S. foreign trade agreements as an electoral issue.

Data Analysis Software for HNGR Research Projects - $2,935

Dr. Laura Yoder, Dr. James Huff, Jr., Mandy Kellums, and Alexander H. Jones | Human Needs and Global Resources

This award funds the purchase of quantitative and qualitative data analysis software that will be accessible to HNGR students and faculty participating in research initiatives.

Improving Faculty and Student Presentations through New Wireless Capabilities - $1,200

Dr. Daniel Master and Dr. Adam Miglio | Biblical and Theological Studies

This proposal will add wireless presentation capabilities to BGC 536. This is a classroom used for presentation-focused seminar classes and adding new capabilities will allow for presentations from a wider variety of devices.

Mobile Recording for Communication Competency Classes - $874

Dr. Kenneth Chase | Communication

This award will fund the purchase of two additional mobile recording devices for use in oral competency courses. This purchase will allow students to view past performances in order to evaluate and improve upon them.

*Additional funding was provided to expand the scope of this project and purchase a Qualtrics license accessible to all faculty, staff, and students. Qualtrics for Wheaton College will be launched at the end of January 2017.