2015-2016 Awardees

2015-2016 Awardees

Reducing Barriers to Scientific Computing | $15,000

Dr. Daniel Burden, Chemistry

This grant will fund further developments and improvement to high-performance computing software that simulates biological molecules. These improvements will allow more students to participate in biomolecular research using high-performance computing.

Humanitarian Disaster Institute Cross-Campus Proposal | $8,000

Dr. David Boan, Psychology and Humanitarian Disaster Institute; Dr. Jamie Aten, Psychology and Humanitarian Disaster Institute; Dr. John Hayward, Computer Science; Dr. Jim Clark, Geology; Dr. Ward Davis, Psychology; Dr. Paul Isihara, Mathematics

This grant will fund the creation of a remote data collection and management system integrated with the College’s existing geographic information system. This would support field research for faculty and students.

Online Education Development | $5,795

Dr. Robert Gallagher, Intercultural Studies; Dr. Scott Moreau, Intercultural Studies; Dr. Alan Seaman, Intercultural Studies; Dr. Susan Greener, Intercultural Studies; Dr. Cheri Pierson, Intercultural Studies; Dr. Pam Barger, Intercultural Studies; Melissa Doogan, Intercultural Studies

This grant will fund training on the creation of online courses along with software and equipment for capturing lectures. This will allow the Intercultural Studies department the opportunity to develop online education that allows for blended and remote learning.

Perpetual License for Inquisit 4 Web | $3,295

Dr. William M. Struthers, Psychology

This grant will provide software that allows web-based administration of psychological tests, allowing a study to reach a more diverse subject pool. This will assist faculty research by increasing the response rate to studies.

Clickers for the School of Biblical and Theological Studies | $1,935

Dr. Sandra Richter, Biblical and Theological Studies; Dr. Beth Felker Jones, Biblical and Theological Studies; Dr. Keith Johnson, Biblical and Theological Studies; Dr. Amy Peeler, Biblical and Theological Studies

This grant will purchase electronic survey tools for in-classroom response, allowing faculty members to administer quizzes and polls with immediate and anonymous grading integrated with learning management software.