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Academic Technology Grant

Special Note: This grant is paused for the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year.  We hope to be back up and running for the following year.

This grant program is designed to offer a supplementary source of funds to support enhanced use of technology in teaching and learning.


The Academic Technology Grant typically provides up to a total of $30,000 in support of faculty initiatives that strengthen teaching and advance faculty research. This program is designed to offer a supplementary source of funds to allow enhanced use of technology in teaching and learning.

Proposals should further the College’s strategic plan and support the development of methods of instruction that use technology or require specialized software and equipment. Faculty may also request research software that is related to their specific discipline with the goal of enhancing the student educational experience.


Full-time tenure track faculty are eligible to receive a grant. Other faculty may partner with a full-time tenure track faculty member or provide a recommendation from their Dean to become eligible for an award. Faculty members are eligible for one award every three years.

Priority will be given to proposals that include multiple participants from across the College, or that support the implementation of new technology in areas that are typically not early adopters of technology. 

Funding is for 18 months after the grant is approved. At the end of 18 months, any unused funds will be reallocated.

Due to conflict of interest, Technology and Information Resources (TIR) committee members who apply for a grant will be excused from the grant review process in which they are competing.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted twice a year, in the following manner:

  • Priority consideration will be given to proposals submitted by October 15. These proposals will be considered and responded to by December 15.
  • In the event that there are remaining funds, additional proposals will be accepted until February 15. These proposals will be considered and responded to by April 15.
  • Applications cannot be accepted after February 15.

Application Process

A written proposal (using the form accessible below) should be submitted to the Office of the Chief Information Officer via email at cio@wheaton.edu. After submission, Technology and Information Resources (TIR), a subcommittee of the Academic Affairs standing committee, will review and rank all proposals. Awards will be announced 60 days after the appropriate deadline.

The 2019-2020 application can be downloaded.

Eligible Expenses

  • The Academic Technology Grant will provide one-time funding for tools such as hardware, software, or consulting assistance. Recurring maintenance for hardware or software beyond the grant period is not an allowable expense. Proposals and budgets should consider the support and implementation needs of the project with the understanding that this award must be used within the 18-month grant period.
  • Awards may not be used to fund or supplement pre-existing or in-process tools, services, or projects paid for by divisions, departments, other grants, or the College.
  • Awards may not be used directly or indirectly solely for salary expenses.

Final Report

  • A final report must be submitted to cio@wheaton.edu within 30 days of the grant’s expiration. Failure to submit the final report will result in the applicants’ ineligibility for future funding from the grant program.
  • The report should outline the activities conducted during the grant, the success of project goals, and a list of financial expenditures, including copies of invoices over $100. These reports may be made publicly available.
  • Grant recipients must be willing and available to present their work to other Wheaton College faculty upon request of the TIR subcommittee.