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CRM Recruit System Coordination Committee

The CRM Recruit System Coordination Committee at Wheaton College provides oversight and sets priorities for the development and integration of the College’s Recruitment Systems.

The CRM Recruit System Coordination Committee is a Technology @ Wheaton Governance advisory committee.


A senior business leader who is involved with recruiting technology solutions and Chief Information Officer will serve as co-chairs. The Committee receives input from the following campus groups:

  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Graduate Admissions
  • The Conservatory of Music
  • Athletics
  • Financial Aid


  1. Identify and approve priorities for recruiting systems’ ongoing operations, enhancements, and new initiatives to assure alignment with the college’s business goals and needs.
  2. Gain a better understanding of the Ellucian CRM Recruit application and other recruiting systems to promote efficient product use and maximize our investment throughout the college.
  3. Expand the adoption and use of Ellucian CRM Recruit to reduce redundant processes, effectively share information and eliminate outdated manual processes where possible.
  4. Develop and expand existing integrations between Ellucian CRM Recruit and other enterprise applications such as Ellucian Banner or FrontRush to efficiently share data and reduce duplicate manual data entry.
  5. Evaluate and approve new releases of Ellucian CRM Recruit for Wheaton College.
  6. Identify and work to resolve the escalation of issues which span departmental or divisional boundaries.
  7. Encourage and facilitate the integration of systems and access to data across functional boundaries and guide the development of common data models within admissions recruiting functions.
  8. Champion effective communication, information and IT security measures, policies and practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of resources are preserved within the admissions and recruiting process.

Operating Principles

Meetings are held monthly.

Team Members (Fiscal Year 2016)

  • Wendy Woodward, Chief Information Officer, co-chair
  • Shawn Leftwich, Undergraduate Admissions, co-chair
  • Chloe Richards, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Craig Williams, Academic and Institutional Technology
  • Jon Larson, Academic and Institutional Technology
  • Dusty Di Santo, Graduate Admissions
  • Karen Belling, Financial Aid
  • Sharon Wright, Conservatory of the Arts
  • Harry Vanderschoot, Academic and Institutional Technology
  • Jesse Scott, Athletics
  • Julie Davis, Athletics
  • Kent Madsen, Athletics