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Network Connected Device Policy

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define support responsibility for devices that are connected to the campus wired or wireless network, to reduce confusion, and assist departments with better understanding how to ensure the appropriate level of maintenance and support that is needed on network connected equipment.

2.0 Scope

The scope of this policy includes network connected and low voltage devices purchased by Wheaton College, in support of its programs.

3.0 Policy

The Academic and Institutional Technology (AIT) department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the campus wired and wireless networks.  Support and maintenance of devices that are connected to, or communicate through, the AIT-provided network is the responsibility of the department that installs the added device.

AIT is responsible for network attached equipment that they have agreed to support and maintain; or equipment they leverage to perform their job duties.

The Facilities department is responsible for installation, maintenance, and repairs to all other campus facilities and equipment.

Departments that install technology equipment that connects to the College network or presentation control systems (with either a wired or wireless connection) in support of their programmatic needs must acquire appropriate support resources from an entity other than AIT to ensure the ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting of that equipment. Such equipment must be approved by AIT before being purchased to ensure compatibility with the network and determine that appropriate security measures are implemented.

3.1 Prior to Acquisition

Before acquiring a technology solution that requires a network connection, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Contact the Office of the CIO to determine:
    1. Whether the College has an existing solution to the problem;
    2. The technical requirements for connecting to the College network;
    3. The security requirements for connecting to the College network, including how College data is securely transmitted and stored; replacing any default passwords with a strong, unique password; and ensuring that the software or firmware running on the device is regularly patched for security vulnerabilities.
  2. Work with the Purchasing department to complete a competitive review and bidding process to ensure the best possible price (see Accounting’s Competitive Bid Policy).
  3. When securing funding for the solution, include the cost of ongoing support, maintenance, and replacement, with support and maintenance typically in the form of a contract with a service provider.

3.2 Problem Devices

AIT reserves the right to require disconnecting the device from the network or low voltage ports if it is causing problems for other devices or users on the network or poses an unacceptable security risk.

3.3 Responsibilities

Following is a chart outlining some of the network installed systems and their associated system owner:



College-issued computers


Digital Signage License/Server


Emergency Notification System


PA System – Event Spaces


PA System - Lecture Halls


Phones (VoIP or analog)


Projectors and displays in classrooms


Stage Lighting Control Boards


Stage Lighting Fixtures & Bulbs


PA System - Sports Venues


PA System –Outdoor




Access Control System


Area of Rescue Phones


Building Lighting Controls


Code Blue System


Electrical Meters


Elevator Emergency Phones


House Lighting Infrastructure, Controls, Fixtures, Bulbs


HVAC and Building Automation Control Systems


Networked Clocks


Shade Systems (including Edman)


Stage Curtains (including Edman)


THOR Lightning Warning


Security Cameras

Public Safety



Digital Signage Display/Player/Infra

Specific Department

Point of Sale System

Specific Department

Research Specific Equipment

Specific Department

Questions regarding system responsibility or ownership should be sent to cio@wheaton.edu. Likewise, as new technologies that connect to the network are developed, contact cio@wheaton.edu to clarify who has responsibility for the associated equipment.

3.4 Removing Network Connected Devices

If network connected equipment needs to be moved to a new location or decommissioned, notify AIT through the AIT Service Desk at least two weeks in advance so network and control configuration and security controls can be updated.

Devices that contain Restricted or Private College data must be securely erased before disposal. See Wheaton’s Data Classification Policy and Data Classification and Handling Procedure for more information.

3.5 System Integration

Integrating multiple systems into one control panel creates complexity that is difficult to support. As such, AIT-provided classroom/event technology control systems will exclusively support AIT installed services. Any systems in those locations that are not the responsibility of AIT must be disconnected from the AIT-provided control systems as of the effective date of this policy.

4.0 Enforcement

Violations of this policy will be escalated appropriately as failure to comply can have data and system security ramifications.

5.0 Policy Authority

This policy is issued by the Vice President for Finance and Operations for Wheaton College.

6.0 Effective Date

This policy is effective starting November 1, 2018

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