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Cybersecurity Training Policy

Cybersecurity Training Policy


Securing the Human online cybersecurity awareness training is intended to give employees a working understanding of basic cybersecurity principles and precautions. This training prepares employees to recognize and prevent falling victim to hacking attempts, phishing, and malware infections. It will also assist with recognizing situations or behaviors that might compromise both their personal information or potentially sensitive College Data. Without training, employees might not recognize situations or behaviors that compromise their personal information, sensitive College data, or both.

Impacted Groups

All Wheaton College staff and faculty employees are required to complete the AIT-provided cybersecurity training annually.

New employees must complete this training within two weeks of their hire date as part of their onboarding.

Employees with access to sensitive data or critical systems may be required to complete additional cybersecurity training commensurate with their job responsibilities.

How Employees Complete Training

When an employee is required to complete training, they will receive an email that provides login information and instructions.

Once employees sign in, they will see their required video modules and answer related questions to confirm their knowledge. Employees also have access to optional modules that they may view for additional instruction if desired.

After all required modules and quizzes are completed successfully, employees receive a notice of completion via email.

Visit the Cybersecurity Training page on the AIT Website for instructions for completing your Cybersecurity training.


If an employee does not complete training within the designated timeframe, AIT will contact the employee's supervisor.

If another week passes and the employee has still not completed training, AIT will contact the employee's supervisor and dean or division VP.

If an employee who has not completed training is involved in a security incident, they may lose access to their Wheaton College accounts until training is completed.