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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information from the Registrar's Office

President Ryken announced on May 22, 2020, that Wheaton College will open its campus for fall 2020. This FAQ page relates to the Registrar's Office processes, and we will do our best to communicate any changes as soon as we are aware of them. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we balance public health concerns and academic services.

Please continue to follow Wheaton College's COVID-19 webpage for regular updates.

Fall 2020 Key Dates

  • August 26: Classes begin
  • October 19: B-quad begins
  • October 21: No classes
  • November 20: Last day of on-campus classes
  • November 23-27: Thanksgiving break
  • November 30: Remote classes begin
  • December 14: Reading Day
  • December 14-17: Final exams (Monday late afternoon and evening only)

Fall 2020 Registration FAQs

August 13, 2020

What types of students are required to attend classes remotely?
Due to COVID-safe protocols, special students, auditors, and employee spouses who are taking a class through the employee benefits program will attend class remotely rather than in person. In the event a special student or auditor is the only remote student in a class, the College reserves the right to cancel the student's registration to preserve the in-person experience for students already registered for the course.

July 17, 2020

Is there a deadline for registration?
First year undergraduate students should register by July 27 to ensure that their financial aid is awarded in a timely manner.

The class I need is full, what can I do?
Due to COVID-safe space protocols, instructors will not be able to add students over the class COVID capacity. Students should add themselves to the waitlist if they wish to be notified if a seat opens up in the course. Undergraduate students, if you need help identifying another course you may reach out to the Academic Advising office at academic.advising@wheaton.edu. Graduate students may reach out to their faculty advisor.

What does “Remote Online” mean in the Fall 2020 class schedule?
“Remote Online” is a designation that the class will be taught through remote instruction only and will not have an in-person component. Students can search for Remote only courses by using the “Advanced Search” feature in Banner Self-Service. Select Remote for the Schedule Type category.

April 27, 2020

What if Banner Self-Service tells me that I need an instructor's signature to add a class?
Contact the instructor by using your Wheaton email and ask them if they are willing to approve your registration. Please ask them to state the reason why an approval is needed (pre-requisite or other) and either forward their email to our office or have them email us directly. It would be helpful to include your full name, ID, Course CRN, Dept, Course Number, Section, and Title in your email to the professor.

What if I need to submit other forms?
We will accept forms scanned and emailed from your Wheaton email address. Registrar Office forms are available here; send completed forms to registrar@wheaton.edu.

What options do I have for my summer internship for degree requirements?

Due to complications from varying shelter-in-place orders and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Wheaton College will work with students who have a major internship requirement to identify remote internships for Summer 2020. If unable to identify a remote alternative to an in-person internship, students should work with their department chair and dean to identify a solution and determine what their internship options are for Summer 2020 (such as delaying the internship or identifying an internship equivalency pending chair approval). International internships remain canceled.

March 25, 2020

Accessing Student Services

Whom should I contact if I have questions about registration, advising, or courses?
Please contact us by email at registrar@wheaton.edu or by phone at 630.752.5045 for registration questions. For advising questions, please contact your faculty advisor by email. For questions related to coursework, please contact your instructors via email or Schoology.