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If you have any questions about the following tutorial material, or a question about the Wheaton College website, please contact Les Barker at x5510 or the Web Team at The.Web@wheaton.edu.

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Introduction to TerminalFour

 Accessing TerminalFour and basic procedures


Working with Text

Content Types

Working with Images

Working with files - basically PDFs

Creating Links


Please take a look at these videos prior to attending your TerminalFour training session.

After two years of planning and preparation, the new Wheaton College website was launched on September 6, 2017.

Now that the system is in place, the job of keeping the website up to date and engaging continues. That's where you come in. Your comfort level with TerminalFour will be a significant factor in making this a reality.

We are pleased to provide training in the use of this powerful tool, and we stand ready to support and assist you going forward.

With your help, the Wheaton College website will the the best that it can be!

The following videos have been created to give you some basic information on accessing TerminalFour and using it to maintain your part of the Wheaton website. The in-person training session you attend will give you more specific information and opportunities for "hands-on" experience.

Video No. 1 - Brief Overview of the new Wheaton website (Approx. 5 minutes and 20 seconds)

Video No. 2 - Sitecore vs. TerminalFour (Approx. 4 minutes)

Video No. 3 - TerminalFour Vocabulary (approx. 4 minutes)

Video No. 4 - Introduction to the Site Structure of TerminalFour. (Approx. 3 minutes 30 seconds)

Video No. 5 - Adding a Section to Your Site (Approx. 4 minutes)

Bonus Video: What about the Intranet? (Approx. 1 minute 20 seconds.)