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Event Marketing

Promote Your Events in Wheaton’s Event Calendars

Wheaton’s event calendars are the primary avenues for visitors to learn about Wheaton events.

Media Relations manages the online event calendar. Our team sends information about events in this calendar to local media outlets, and the College’s social media team uses this information to generate posts for our social media channels.

The online event calendar is also the source of information for the printed calendar, which is published four times per year and distributed to 28,000 homes in Wheaton and Glen Ellyn.

How do I make sure my events are in these calendars?

  • When you reserve space using 25Live, complete the description field of the event reservation with a short write-up on your event.
  • Without a write-up in the description field of 25Live, your event will not be activated on wheaton.edu/events.

What information should I include in my event description on 25Live?

  • Write 3-4 short paragraphs (about 100-200 words total) that answer the questions below. See below for example.
  • First paragraph
    • What is the title of the event?
    • Who is presenting or sponsoring the event?
    • What day/time does it take place?
  • Second & Third paragraphs
    • What type of event (i.e. panel discussion, film screening, lecture)?
    • Who is the performer, artist, or speaker? Provide a short bio.
    • Why is the event significant and why would non-Wheaton audiences want to come to the event?
  • Fourth paragraph
    • Where will the event be held? Include the address. See below for a list of campus addresses.
    • What is the cost? If it is free, indicate that it is “free and open to the public.”
    • Who should people contact for more information? Provide a phone number or email address.
  • The event information must be entered in this format; incomplete or incorrectly entered information will result in a delay. Please contact Media Relations Specialist Meaghan Falkanger at meaghan.falkanger@wheaton.edu with questions.

I need to change my reservation on 25Live / I have questions about using 25Live.

  • Contact Director of Scheduling Services Karen King at ext. 5184.
  • Guidelines for using 25Live are also posted on intra.

What if the details of my event aren’t finalized when I reserve my space in 25Live?

Email the complete, 100-200 word event description to Media Relations Specialist Meaghan Falkanger at meaghan.falkanger@wheaton.edu. If you have a photo that you would like to use for the event description, please email it to Meaghan Falkanger.

What should I do I need to change the date of my event?

Please avoid changing dates if at all possible. Once your event is entered into 25Live and approved, it automatically receives wide publicity. This promotion cannot be effectively undone.

If you must change the event date:

  • Contact Meaghan Falkanger at meaghan.falkanger@wheaton.edu
  • Post signs post at original event venue and time
  • Station a representative at the original event venue and time to apologize and redirect people who may arrive
  • Consider offering free tickets for those who arrive at the wrong date/time.

Printed Calendar Events and Advertising

How can I ensure that my event is included in the printed Calendar of Events?

  • To consider your event for the public calendar, we must have a complete event description posted in 25Live by the deadlines below:
    • For inclusion in the September/October issue: June 24
    • November/December issue: August 26
    • January/February issue: October 28
    • March/April/May issue: December 23

How can I purchase an ad in the printed Calendar of Events?

  • Contact Media Relations Specialist Meaghan Falkanger at Meaghan.falkanger@wheaton.edu to confirm the availability of featured space in your preferred issue. For the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the cost of a ½ page space is $450.
  • If space is available, you will receive an invoice via email. This invoice is your confirmation.
  • Within one week of receiving the invoice, complete an Accounting Adjustment Form with cc: to Meaghan Falkanger at meaghan.falkanger@wheaton.edu.
  • After you receive the invoice, complete a Design Request Form by the deadlines below. You will not be charged for the design of the ad.
    • For inclusion in the September/October issue: June 24
    • November/December issue: August 26
    • January/February issue: October 28
    • March/April/May issue: December 23
  • Ensure that the event is approved in 25Live and includes a complete description using the format described above. If you are advertising a program, be sure that updated information about your program is available on wheaton.edu.
Quarterly Calendar of Events
2016-2017 Deadlines
Design request deadline June 24
Content Deadline June 24
Date delivered to post office August 22
Design request deadline August 26
Content Deadline August 26
Date delivered to post office October 24
Design request deadline October 28
Content Deadline October 28
Date delivered to post office December 26
Design request deadline December 23
Content Deadline December 23
Date delivered to post office February 20



Call Meaghan Falkanger, Media Relations Specialist, at ext. 5148.

Campus Addresses
Armerding Hall 520 Kenilworth Avenue
Billy Graham Center 500 College Avenue
Blanchard Hall 501 College Avenue
Chase Service Center 924 College Avenue
Jenks Hall / Arena Theater 421 Chase Street
Meyer Science Center 430 Howard Street
Sports & Recreation Complex 603 Kenilworth Avenue
Student Services Building 418 Chase Street
Todd M. Beamer Student Center 421 Chase Street


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