BGC 418H Audio Recording Studio

BGH 418H is an audio recording station designed for the speech recording of one or two people. It is ideal for podcasts and interviews.

Who can schedule BGC 418H?

Faculty and staff who need to use the Audio Recording Studio for College-related business are welcome to use it.

How do I schedule BGC 418H?

Faculty and staff should use 25Live, the College’s scheduling system, to request BGH 418H. After placing a request in 25Live, you should hear back within 24 hours to know if your use of the room has been approved. This room is available during regular business hours (week days from 9-5.)

Will my department need to pay for services?

No. At this time there is no fee for the use of this room.

Can I operate installed equipment myself without staff assistance?

Absolutely! Be sure to check out this article to learn more about how to do that.