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Course Material Adoptions

Sidewalk Hero is a platform that provides content cost transparency for faculty, including market pricing.

Features of Sidewalk Hero

  • Full transparency into content decisions between faculty and the Wheaton College Bookstore
  • Broader content to select from
  • Reduced prices for students
  • Seamless and simple communication between the Bookstore and faculty
  • Content and adoption transparency among faculty members across campus
  • Easily accessible content decision histories between faculty and the Bookstore
  • Historical adoption information

Online market pricing of textbooks can change daily and vary significantly by condition and seller, and does not reflect the bookstore selling price. Nevertheless, early submission of textbook adoptions will provide the bookstore with opportunity to purchase a sufficient supply of textbooks at lower prices, which can then be sold to students at competitive prices.

Hero is just one way to submit your textbook order, and the Bookstore will continue to receive orders using other order methods.

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