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Duplication Services

The Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives is pleased to offer the following duplication services to both distance and on-site users. 

Films on shelvesThe purpose of these duplication services is to provide access to documents, photographic images, and audio/video recordings to both scholars and the general public while retaining the original items in our collections for future use.

To submit a duplication order or to ask questions about these services, please contact the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives at 630.752.5910 or bgc.archives@wheaton.edu.

Scanning Services: This service provides digital copies of paper documents to researchers who are unable to visit the Archives in person.  

  • Archives staff will scan up to 50 pages of unrestricted documents on behalf of distance patrons free of charge.  
  • For scanning requests over 50 pages, patrons must engage a proxy researcher. Archives staff will provide a list of local individuals who offer research and scanning services on behalf of distance patrons. Proxy researchers are not employed by the  Archives, and they set their own fees. Contact the WCBGC Archives for a current list of proxy researchers. 

Copying by Visiting Researchers: This service is available to on-site researchers 

  • Researchers may duplicate any unrestricted paper documents, using either their own device or the digital scanner in the manuscripts reading room.
  • Researchers may make a limited number of paper copies of unrestricted photographs on the copier in the manuscripts reading room free of charge. For high-resolution, digital copies of photographs, please contact the WCBGC Archives and refer to the fee schedule below.
  • No audio/video material may be duplicated by researchers.
  • The WCBGC Archives reserves the right to refuse duplication permission of unrestricted items if the items are rare, fragile, or may otherwise be damaged by duplication.  

Duplication Orders: This service is available for authors, publishers, other media consultants, and the general public requesting use of images or audio/video recordings from the WCBGC Archives collections for research or publication purposes. 

  • Photo Duplication: Digital copies of photographs are available in either TIFF or JPEG format.  
  • Audio/Visual Material Duplication: Digital copies of audio recordings are available in either WAV or MP3 format. Digital copies of video recordings are available in either AVI or MP4 format.

Note on duplicating restricted material: Although much of the material housed at the Archives is open to the public and may be duplicated without permission, some materials are restricted for a specific time limit at the donor's request. In such cases, researchers submit a permission form to the donor or authorized representative in order to view and/or duplicate restricted files. This permission form must be signed and returned to the BGC Archives before restricted files can be accessed or duplicated. For more information or a copy of the permission form, please contact the Archives staff.

Note on copyright: The WCBGC Archives does not hold the copyright for many materials in its collections. In some cases, the copyright holder is unknown to the Archives. While the Archives may provide permission to access materials, this does not constitute permission to publish those materials. It is the user's responsibility to determine the copyright holder and to receive publication permission.

Note on publication credit: For any WCBGC Archives material used in publication (print, electronic/digital, and websites), the credit line must read: Used by permission of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives, Wheaton, IL.

Submitting Duplication Orders:  

  • Users should contact the Archives for the duplication order form. Please complete and return the order form, providing specific details about the requested item(s), such as collection number and item title or description.
  • Users will receive an invoice from the Archives, outlining the requested duplication service and total fees.
  • All fees must be paid and order forms completed before items are duplicated. The Archives can accept cash, check or credit card for payment. The Archives cannot make change for cash in the Manuscripts Reading Room.
  • Once the Archives has received payment, users will receive digital copies of the items they requested. Hard copies may also be available upon request.  

Fee Schedule for Duplication of Archival Materials: 


Duplication fees: apply to all photos requested

  • Wheaton College Students, Staff, Faculty: No charge for up to 3 items; $5.00 per each additional photo
  • Individuals: $25.00 per item
  • Non-for-profit organizations: $30.00 per item
  • For-profit organizations: $40.00 per items 

Audio/Visual Material

Duplication fees: apply to all A/V items requested

  • Individuals: $25.00 per item
  • Not-for-profit organizations: $30.00 per item
  • For-profit organizations: $40.00 per item 
  • Digitization fees for films and videos vary according to vendor pricing. Please contact the WCBGC Archives for details.

 Please Note: All fees are subject to change without notice.