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Past Events

A taste of the inspiring experience of events at the BGC Museum

2015 Art Gallery Event - The Knowable Mystery Preview Event

Join us for an art-centered evening of program vignettes in music composition, environmental conservation, Christian mission, and natural science.

2014 Art Gallery Event - MESSIAH Gallery Reception

Explore in sight and sound as Timothy R. Botts creates a new work, accompanied by a live ensemble improvising excerpts from the music.

2014 Art Gallery Event - From the Eyes of a Shepherd Gallery Reception

Artist Mark Sprinkle engages the senses as well as the mind to give us new ways to recognize God as provider and redeemer.

Art Exhibit Conversations

The sacred artwork of Georges Rouault on humanity's suffering provides opportunity to discuss the deep and mysterious aspects of life and death with neighbors and friends. These Saturday sessions were guided by Wheaton College art history intern Stephen Westich.

Children's Worship - Interactive Advent Meditations

Prepare your heart for the coming of Christ this busy Christmas season. Join children, students, adults, and grandparents for these hour-long activities.

2013 Art Gallery Event - QU4RTETS | A Concert of Word, Image, and Music

Program of collaborative presentation or poetry, music, art, and theology. Original art and performance of original musical score. In response to T.S. Eliot's epic poem "Four Quartets," and debuting new works by recent Wheaton College alumni.

2012 Art Gallery Event - Sadao Watanabe Gallery Reception

A collection of works from the renown Japanese printmaker. Book signing and gallery talk from experts on contemporary sacred art.

2012 Community Event - Lovetown Celebration

Tuesday, March 13 @ 7pm | Lovetown inspires a community. Interview with the LOVETOWN, PA artist. Local leaders discuss ways we can better know and love our neighbors.

2012 Community-Art Event - Lovetown Sweatshirt Workshops

Throughout the month of February of 2012, Wheaton College students befriended local communities with art workshops to better know and love our neighbors.