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New Collections

New and Updated Collections at the BGC Archives

Katherine and Vaus in RRThe BGC Archives is continually adding items to its holdings—newly discovered letters, a recently donated photo album, transcripts to oral history interviews, an entirely new collection, and much more.

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New Collections

Collection 551: Papers of Emil and Marie Sywulka (New, June 2019)

This collection consists of the correspondence of Marie and Emil Sywulka, missionaries with the Africa Inland Mission in Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika Territory) from 1906-1964. The letters are handwritten on regular or airmail paper, typed and printed prayer letters, and pamphlets, newspaper clippings, tracts, and other materials previously sent with the letters. Collection primarily contains letters from Marie and occasionally from Emil to their family about their lives and work in Africa and family matters.

Collection 558: Oral History Interviews with Curtis L. Cole (New, June 2019)

Topics covered include: Cole’s family background, the development of his Christian faith, his experiences as a missionary kid in the Ivory Coast in the 1970s, descriptions of the Christian community in the Ivory Coast and the Ivory Coast Academy; Ivorian worship services; his education at Michigan State University, his business career in Denver and his ministry as a youth pastor there, his and his wife's call to missions, his work in Ecuador as an broadcaster and director of English language programming for the HCJB Christian shortwave radio station, and the culture of the HCJB organization. Events described span 1967-1998.

Collection 561: Oral History Interviews with Charles Conrad Kay (New, June 2019)

Topic covered include family background; interest in music; conversion at the age of 24; first steps in the Christian faith; his early ministry in Europe on a short-term program with Greater Europe Mission; education at Moody Bible Institute; ministry at Cook County Jail in Chicago; joining The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM); raising support; and the Kays’ first term as missionaries in France from 1994 to 1999.

Collection 605: Oral History Interviews with Habil Omungu (New, June 2019)

Originally from the Luo people of Kenya, Omungu discusses his family background; his parents’ faith; his own conversion at a Billy Graham meeting and the development of his spiritual life through the years; his education at Pan Africa Christian College; his experiences as an ordained Anglican priest in several churches, including All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi; Anglicanism in Kenya; the larger Christianity community in Kenya, particularly the impact of Pentecostalism; the debate over the ordination of homosexual priests within the Anglican Communion worldwide. The events described in this interview span 1960-2004.

Collection 647: Oral History Interview with Loren Cunningham (New, June 2019)

Topics include Cunningham's early family life, particularly the influence of his mother and evangelist father; the Assemblies of God church and evangelistic mission; call to worldwide mission as a young teenager; education; early mission trips; moving beyond Assemblies of God circles; dream to enlist young people to carry the gospel cross-culturally; early developments in formation of Youth With a Mission (YWAM); starting the YWAM school University of the Nations; encounters with Billy Graham and participation at the 1974 Lausanne Congress. Events described span 1900-2009.  

Collection 665: Oral History Interview with Paul Cedar (New, June 2019)

Topics discussed include Cedar’s upbringing as the son of a Presbyterian minister; his conversion at a Youth for Christ rally; his call to ministry at a young age; his work as a summer evangelist in Pennsylvania; his education at Northern State College in South Dakota; and his first pastorate during which he started a YFC club.

Collection 710: Records of the Chefoo Schools Association (New, June 2019)

The China Inland Mission (later the Overseas Missionary Fellowship) founded a school for missionaries’ children in Chefoo, China called the Chefoo School. During World War II, the mission started similar schools in other parts of China and in India. After 1951, when the mission was forced out of China, it created had similar schools in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines. They were always called Chefoo Schools. The Chefoo Schools Association was a society for alumni of the Schools, founded in 1908. The magazine of the Association (alternately called The Chefoo Magazine, Chefoo, and The CSA Magazine) was published from 1908 until 2018. This collection consists of an almost complete set of the magazine, correspondence from the North American branch of the CSA, photographs of the schools, and audio and video recordings about life at Chefoo. 

New Oral History Transcripts

Since the early 1980s, the BGC Archives staff have conducted over 800 hours of oral history interviews with more than 275 individuals involved in mass evangelism, foreign missions, Christian education, community development, medical work, and political advocacy. These figures include well-known names such as Cliff Barrows, Elisabeth Elliot, David Howard, John Huffman, William Pannell, John Perkins, and many more. To date, the BGC Archives staff have completed over 430 transcripts to these interviews. Follow the links below to read our latest oral history transcripts. 

Please note: Oral history interview transcripts are not available online during the interviewee's lifetime. Transcripts available online are linked below.

Collection 514: Ephemera of Wheaton College Revivals. Transcripts for Tapes 36, 55 & 72 (added April 2020)

Collection 414: Papers of Wade Coggins. Transcript for Tape 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (added April 2020)

Collection 434: Papers of Jack Frizen. Transcripts for Tapes 5 & 6 (Added April 2020). Missionary to the Philippines, executive director of IFMA. 

Collection 249: Papers of Myron and Elizabeth Harrison. Transcript for Tape 1 (added January 2020) 

Collection 391: Papers of Robert C. Schneider. Transcript for Tape 1 (added November 2019). 

Collection 206: Oral History Interview with John C. Chin. Transcript for Tape 1 (added November 2019).

Collection 116: Oral History Interview with Helen Elliott. Transcripts for Tape 1, 2 & 3 (Added November 2019). 

Collection 412: Oral History Interview with Gleason Archer. Transcript for Tape 1 (Added July 2019)

Collection 399: Oral History Interviews with Paul E. Johnson. Transcript for Tape 2 (Added April 2019). Musical evangelist with the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, Christian Businessmen's Committee, and Youth for Christ.

Collection 442: Papers of Philip Foxwell. Transcripts for Tapes 1, 2 & 3 (Added February 2019).