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The Billy Graham Center Archival Research Lecture

What is it like to do historical research in an archives? How do researchers use scrapbooks, letters, newspaper clippings, oral history interviews, and other materials to construct a historical narrative? What are the benefits of using these physical fragments to understand the past? Every year the Archival Research Lecture features a scholar whose research in the BGC Archives answers some of these questions.

2014 Annual Lecture

Join us for the Billy Graham Center Archival Research Lecture, and learn how scholars use archival sources to understand the past.

Walking Tour of Billy Graham's Wheaton

Curious about Billy Graham’s connection to Wheaton College? Want to learn more about Billy Graham’s experiences as a Wheaton undergraduate? Join the staff of the BGC Archives as they visit sites around the Wheaton College campus and greater community where Billy Graham lived, studied, socialized, and preached, both as a student and during his later ministry.

Bob and Flowering Trees
Walking Tour of Billy Graham's Wheaton

Join the staff of the BGC Archives as they revisit Billy Graham's Wheaton.

The Evangelical Archives Conference

In July 1988, the BGC Archives hosted the The Evangelical Archives Conference at Wheaton College. Sponsored by the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals and funded by the Lilly Foundation, the Conference addressed the unique challenges facing archives and memory institutions dedicated to acquiring and preserving materials documenting American evangelicalism. Final reports and recommendations from the Conference were published as Heritage at Risk: Proceedings of the Evangelical Archives Conference.