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Marilee A. Melvin

Special Assistant to the President

Marilee MelvinA 1972 graduate of Wheaton College, Marilee Melvin has served as Special Assistant to the President since January 2006. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Wheaton College, and a Master of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of Chicago.

Prior to her appointment at Wheaton, she served for twelve years in the private and public sectors in Washington, DC, including eight years at the White House and the Department of Justice in the Carter and Reagan Administrations.

She joined the Wheaton staff in May 1988 as Vice President for Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the Wheaton College Alumni Association, serving in that post until her appointment to the Office of the President.

Drawing on more than three decades of work with the Senior Administrative Cabinet and with Wheaton alumni, Marilee provides President Ryken and his administrative team counsel and support in the leadership of Wheaton College.