President Ryken: Bibliography

The following is a list of books by President Ryken. A complete bibliography of published work is available by contacting the President’s Office.

Chapel Anthologies

  • The Love of Loves in the Song of Songs (Crossway, 2019)
  • When Trouble Comes (Crossway, 2016)
  • Why Everything Matters (Christian Focus Publications, 2015) 
  • Loving Jesus More (Crossway, 2014) 
  • Kingdom, Come! (Crossway, 2013)
  • Grace Transforming (Crossway, 2012)

Bible Reference Tools

  • Ryken’s Bible Handbook, with Leland Ryken and Jim Wilhoit (Tyndale, 2005)
  • The ESV Literary Study Bible, with Leland Ryken (Crossway, 2007)

Christianity & Culture

  • Art for God’s Sake: A Call to Recover the Arts (P&R, 2006)
  • Christian Worldview: A Student's Guide (Crossway, 2013)
  • He Speaks to Me Everywhere: Meditations on Christianity and Culture (P&R, 2004)
  • Liberal Arts for the Christian Life, with Jeffry Davis (Crossway, 2012)  
  • The Messiah Comes to Middle Earth (IVP Academic, 2017)
  • My Father’s World: Meditations on Christianity and Culture (P&R, 2002)
  • Pastors in the Classics, with Leland Ryken and Todd Wilson (Baker, 2012) 
  • What Is the Christian Worldview? (P&R, 2006)
  • What Is Mercy Ministry?, with Noah Toly (P&R, 2013)

Evangelistic Books

  • The Heart of the Cross, with James Montgomery Boice (Crossway, 2005)
  • Is Jesus the Only Way? Today’s Issues (Crossway, 1999)
  • Jesus on Trial, with James Montgomery Boice (P&R, 2009)
  • The Prayer of Our Lord (Crossway, 2007)

Expository Commentaries

  • Exodus: Saved for God’s Glory, Preaching the Word (Crossway, 2005)
  • Jeremiah and Lamentations: From Sorrow to Hope, Preaching the Word (Crossway, 2001)
  • 1 Kings, Reformed Expository Commentary (P&R, 2011)
  • 2 Kings, Reformed Expository Commentary (P&R, 2019)
  • Ecclesiastes: Why Everything Matters, Preaching the Word (Crossway, 2010)
  • The Incarnation in the Gospels, Reformed Expository Commentary (P&R, 2008)
  • Luke, Reformed Expository Commentary (P&R, 2009)
  • Galatians, Reformed Expository Commentary (P&R, 2005)
  • 1 Timothy, Reformed Expository Commentary (P&R, 2007)

Bible Study Guides

  • City on a Hill: Recovering the Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century (Moody, 2003)
  • The Communion of Saints: Living in Fellowship with the People of God (P&R, 2001)
  • Courage to Stand: Jeremiah’s Message for Post-Christian Times (P&R, 2009)
  • Discovering God in Stories from the Bible (P&R, 2010)
  • King Solomon: The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power (Crossway, 2011)
  • Loving the Way Jesus Loves (Crossway, 2012)
  • The Message of Salvation, The Bible Speaks Today (InterVarsity, 2001)
  • Our Triune God: Living in the Love of the Three-in-One, with Michael Lefebure (Crossway, 2011)
  • When You Pray: Making the Lord’s Prayer Your Own (P&R, 2006)
  • Written in Stone: The Ten Commandments and Today’s Moral Crisis (Crossway, 2003)

Reformed Theology

  • The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel, with James Montgomery Boice (Crossway, 2009)
  • The Elder and His Work, by David Dickson (P&R, 2004)
  • Give Praise to God: A Vision for Reforming Worship (P&R, 2003)