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Center for Vocation and Career Advisory Council

The Center for Vocation and Career Advisory Council provides tools and resources to equip students as they seek to identify and live out their callings and careers, particularly through mentoring, networking, and internship opportunities.

The Advisory Council members have extensive experience in myriad domains of society and represent a wide range of liberal arts degrees. The Council comes to campus twice a year to collaborate with staff, faculty, and administrators and to mentor and advise students.


Leslie Schoonmaker Dunlap ’91, Chair 
Internet Policy
Washington, D.C.

Steve Wilhite ’85, Past Chair 
Louisville, KY

Council Members

Barbara Bates Alexander ’77
Intelligence/Government Consulting
Washington, DC

John Goetz ’79
New York City, NY

Rob McKinnon ’85
Louisville, KY

Mark Vaselkiv ’80
Investment Management
Baltimore, MD