Jeff Hau '09

Jeff Hau '09 is the Director of Marketing at Vios Asset Management.

Jeff Hau

1. How did you get your job?

Prior to graduating from Wheaton, I applied to several jobs in and around San Francisco. When none of those options turned into anything, I received a recommendation from a friend to intern at a boutique investment firm in downtown San Francisco. The internship eventually turned into a job where I now head the business development arm of our company.

2. What do you do day by day?

I research and initiate sales and marketing strategies through a variety of means. My day typically consists of e-mails, phone calls, networking, and some research. The goal is to make more contacts and introduce more clients to my boss, an investment manager.

3. What do you like about your work?

My boss, the president and CEO of our firm, is an active Christian who has built the business to be a ministry to our clients and the community. We talk about ourselves as being "profitable but not profit-oriented." I like that my work is both meaningful for myself (because of our company's mission) and a service to others.

4. In what ways do you make use of what you learned or gained at Wheaton?

My education and experience at Wheaton have been such significant factors of my formation as an individual that I will never be able to completely list the ways. I will say, though, that one of the most important lessons that I took away from Wheaton was viewing work as worship. This is a concept that I now get to live out and further develop in a predominantly secular industry and urban environment. It is the place to where God has called me for this chapter of my life to serve Him.