Jake Schlossberg '10

Jake Schlossberg '10 is a Customer Service Representative at Tyndale House Publishers.


What is your job and how did you find it?

I am a Customer Service Representative at Tyndale House Publishers. I found this opportunity on ThunderLink after 5+ months of searching various internet job boards and other sources, going through good interviews where I wasn't selected to interviews with crappy companies where I was accepted and turned it down. My favorite part of working for Tyndale is the atmosphere that is shaped by a godly approach to business. They practice excellent stewardship as a company and hire excellent people, both professionally and relationally. At the moment, I am not using my education in my job, but if I move up here as I hope to, I am sure to use my English degree more fully. Day by day, I represent Tyndale to a multitude of authors, bookstores, and individuals as they seek information and assistance.