Success Stories

See what our graduates are doing now.

Ryan June '08 - Political Science major, Law School graduate

Wheaton prepared Ryan June for life after college and gave him the perspective needed for the challenges that come with it.

Tiffany Staples '06 - Secondary Education major

Tiffany Staples has been able to use what she learned at Wheaton in her career as a high school teacher.

Jason LaRusso '09 - Political Science major

A liberal arts education at Wheaton helped prepare Jason LaRusso for his current job as a tone products engineer.

Brandon Bocianski '11 - Business and Economics Major

Brandon Bocianski is a Financial Analyst at Schneider Electric in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jan Schruer '10 - Math, Theology and Economics Major

Jan Schreur '10 is a Product Manager at in Austin, Texas

Yeesum Lo '09 - English major

After Wheaton, Yeesum Lo attended Peter Stark's Producing Program at USC's School of Cinema, one of the most prestigious motion picture producing programs in the world with only 25 candidates in each class.

Jake Schlossberg '10 - English major

Jake Schlossberg is currently working for Tyndale House Publishing as a Customer Service Representative.

Christina Pajak '09 - Political Science major

Christina Pajak is a development director for Freedom Foundation of Minnesota.

Jeff Hau '09 - Philosophy, Business/Economics major

Jeff Hau is Director of Marketing for Vios Asset Management in California.

Taryne Russo '10 - Communication Major

Taryne is an Event Coordinator at J.P. Morgan in Chicago, IL.