Reading Groups

The Wade Center regularly runs book discussion groups.


Reading at the Wade

Saturday mornings

This book discussion group, facilitated by Dr. Rolland Hein (professor emeritus of English at Wheaton College), meets at the Wade Center on Saturday mornings from 10:00am - 11:00am during the school year. 

The Winter/Spring reading group will meet Saturday, January 17 through Saturday, April 4.  The books to be savored this session will be C. S. Lewis: Reflections on the Psalms (Fontana Books)  and George MacDonald's Weighed and Wanting (Johannesen).

In his “Reflections on the Psalms,” C. S. Lewis addresses the difficult issues that inevitably present themselves to a thoughtful reader who peruses these ancient poems in the heart of the Bible.  In his characteristically disarming way, Lewis not only explains the difficulties but also poignantly emphasizes the relevance of the psalms to contemporary life.

George MacDonald’s novel Weighed and Wanting, published in 1882, has engaging autobiographical significance.  With a large family of several grown daughters, MacDonald imaginatively explores the issues of courtship and the problem of an impending unsuitable marriage.  Interwoven in the novel are some of his most penetrating theological remarks. 

Reading at the Wade Syllabus

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Audio recordings of the Wade Center's Saturday morning Spring reading group discussions are free and available for download

Classics at the Wade

Wednesday afternoons

The Wade Center also hosts a Classics Reading Group on Wednesday afternoons from 2:00pm - 3:00pm during the school year. Also led by Dr. Rolland Hein, this book discussion group explores books beyond those written by the Wade Center's seven authors. 

The Winter/Spring reading group will meet Wednesday, January 14 through Wednesday, April 29.  The books to be enjoyed this session will be The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot,Conversion: The Spiritual Journey of a Twentieth Century Pilgrim by Malcom Muggeridge (Wipf & Stock) and Home by Marilynne Robinson (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux).

In Conversion, Malcolm Muggeridge, who is perhaps the most well-known and talented British journalist of the 20th century, recounts the spiritual milestones of his life that consummated in his conversion.

Both The Mill on the Floss and Home concern the family relationships between two siblings, a brother and a sister. In the former, many of Maggie Tuliver’s lifelong struggles grow out of her of her deep love and sense of dependence upon her bother Tom, a person of quite different disposition from hers. In Home, when Glory Boughton returns to her childhood home to care for her aged father, she is surprised to find there her wayward brother Jack, and she struggles to find ways to be of help to him.

Classics at the Wade Syllabus

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All reading groups are free and open to anyone who would like to participate, but sign-up is required due to space considerations. For questions or more information, contact the Wade Center front desk at 630-752-5908 or at

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