VII now comprises 33 volumes, each containing a variety of articles and reviews featuring the seven authors of the Wade Center.


Current: Volume 33 (2016)

Volume 33 includes articles on four of the seven authors whose works are archived at the Marion E. Wade Center. The editors hope that you will discover something new about one of the authors less familiar to you through these excellent essays.


Remembrance of David Lavery written by Jane Hipolito

Disambiguation: Sayers as a Catholic
by Kathryn Wehr

A Letter from C.S. Lewis
by Dabney Park

“On the Stairs of the Great Gate”: Lewis’s Imagination and the Quest for Faith in Till We Have Faces
by Eliane Tixier

Meddling in the Mind of Melkor: The Silmarillion and the Nature of Sin
by Pierce Taylor Hibbs

Puddleglum, Pascal, and Plato: Epistemology in Lewis’s The Silver Chair
by Joseph Chapa

“Villainous Handwriting”: A Chronological Study of C.S. Lewis’s Script
by Charlie W. Starr

Review Essay: New Light on the “Great War”
by Edwin Tait

Review Essay: An Unwelcome Transposition
by Travis Buchanan

Book Reviewed: The Chapel of the Thorn by Charles Williams, ed. Sørina Higgins
by Suzanne Bray

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