Overview of Copying and Permissions Policies


The following regulations are intended to protect copyrighted and fragile materials, as well as to assist researchers.

Copy Services

  1. Facsimile copying, whether by scanner, camera, or computer, is covered by the same restrictions as photocopied materials. (See Copy Policy and Digital Copy Policy)
  2. Requests for limited copying of material will, upon written request, be considered when such duplication causes no injury to the material to be copied and when no other duplication restrictions apply. Such duplicates are solely for the research use of the grantee and are not to be transferred to others. The making of duplicate photocopies from those furnished by the Wade Center is prohibited. The Center also prohibits the deposit of its material in another collection, library or institution.


  1. In the use of published sources for theses, dissertations, or other publications, permission to quote, outside of fair use as outlined in US Copyright Law, should be obtained from the author or the author's agent, such as a literary estate, publisher, or academic institution.
  2. In the use of unpublished sources, such as manuscripts and letters, your responsibility is both to the Wade Center as owner of the original materials and to the authors or their agents. When your work has reached the point where it is possible to identify the texts desired to be used in publication, a written request for permission to quote must be submitted to the Wade Center. Except where it owns exclusive rights, the Center will refer you to the proper agency for further permissions.
  3. In giving permission to copy or publish, as specified by individual permission agreements, the Marion E. Wade Center does not surrender its own right to publish this material or to give permission to others to use or publish it.
  4. The Center does not assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright or of publication rights in the use of manuscripts, letters, and all other materials.
  5. In cases where the Wade Center is the copyright holder, there may be a fee to obtain the permission to publish.

Deposit of Completed Works

All permissions include the provision that at least one copy of any book, dissertation, thesis, article, or other publication resulting from use of Wade Center materials or research here be deposited in the Center’s collection. (This policy is also stated on the Wade Center Researcher Application and the Copy Policy.) 

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