Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals


Founded in 1982 by evangelical historians and Wheaton College alumni Mark A. Noll ’68 and Nathan O. Hatch ’68, the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals (ISAE) serves as a center for research while functioning as a program of Wheaton College.

The resources of the ISAE are meant to encourage and support the study of evangelical Christianity in North America. They also aim to deepen evangelicals’ understanding of themselves and enrich others’ assessment of evangelicals’ historical significance and contemporary role.

The ISAE brought distinguished scholars of American religion to the Wheaton College campus for conferences, lectures, and meetings, and facilitated the publication of 30 conference-related books.

Projects completed by the ISAE over the years include studies about the impact of the foreign missions movement on North America, the financing of American evangelicalism, evangelicals' relationship to mass media, a study of American hymnody, and a study of the career and legacy of Billy Graham.

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