M.A. in History of Christianity

The History of Christianity program is committed to equipping graduate students through teaching and mentoring with a comprehensive knowledge of Christian history that engages the fullness of the historical context across two millennia.


Students will…

  • Develop skills in both social and intellectual history
  • Explore how biblical, theological, philosophical, social, political, economic, racial, gender, and cultural factors shaped and were shaped by Christianity
  • Have the opportunity to build expertise in a period of history through concentrated study
  • Integrate faith and learning as Christian scholars
  • Develop skills and training for advanced academic work
    • Language training opportunities such as in German, French, Latin, and Greek
    • Participate in the History of Christianity Graduate Student Conference
    • Participate in the “Methods in Scholarship” Seminar run by Dr. McNutt and Dr. Barbeau
    • Benefit from the “Annual Ph.D. Prep Dinner” for students seeking doctoral work

Other opportunities…

  • Financial Support for Students
    • Merit-based scholarships
    • T.A. work available
  • Accelerated study for Wheaton undergraduate students at reduced cost
  • Study abroad for students concentrating on the Early Christian and Medieval periods

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