Wheaton College Center for Economics, Government, and Public Policy (CEGPP) Scholars


CEGPP Scholar Opportunities 

Image of Hastert Center ScholarsIf you become a CEGPP Scholar in a collaborative student faculty research opportunity, you will work directly with a faculty member on topics that contribute to best practices in political economy. CEGPP Scholars will conduct research on a topic where politics and economic market practices converge.  Students should identify and discuss a research topic and opportunity with a faculty member who will be willing to serve as a mentor in this experience. A strong research proposal is expected with an outcome of no less than a paper which may contribute to a paper presentation at a professional societal meeting, and/or a published paper with your faculty mentor. If a faculty member is willing to mentor you, pick up an application form in the center, complete it and ask another faculty member to write a recommendation using the faculty recommendation form.  The research may be conducted in the US or abroad. If it is conducted abroad, special preparation, planning, supervision and debriefing are required for these experiences. The planning, permission, site approvals and mentoring requirements must be met as specified by existing College policies. For more information, see the brochure (PDF).


To apply to be a 2015 CEGPP Scholar, download an application at your convenience (PDF) or stop by the POL/IR or BEC offices located in the MSC to pick up a hard copy.


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