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The Physics department is currently conducting searches for the following open positions. For further information on the nature of these positions, please contact Dr. Darren Craig.


There is no other major that dives as deep into the complexities of this world as physics. You will learn about the fundamental processes that take place in nature and specifically the ways that matter and energy interact in the universe. You will also learn how to apply these principles in your engineering classes to solve practical problems in society. You will learn how to do research and pursue exciting physics questions for yourself.
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As a student in our program, you will study quite a bit! Physics is not easy, but it is extremely satisfying. You have the option to be involved with outreach and teaching through the Society of Physics Students and the Astronomical Observatory, or with hands-on projects through Ingenium, the engineering club. You can also pursue research in black holes, supernovae, reconnection events in plasmas, ultrasound, nuclear magnetic resonance, or the history and philosophy of physics. We offer a wide variety of exciting research projects with our own faculty, and we will help you find a research project at a national lab or large research university. We also help you find hands-on engineering internships, both here and abroad.
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Studying Physics or Engineering at Wheaton will prepare you well for going on to graduate school, physics teaching, industrial careers, and a variety of other jobs that utilize the analytical and problem solving abilities of physicists and engineers.
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