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Computer Science

In the computer science program at Wheaton College, we believe computer science is about so much more than technical details. As a student in our department, you'll take an interdisciplinary approach to devising efficient solutions to the puzzles of the world.


Why Study Computer Science?

Some people are attracted to computer science because they like fiddling with computers. Others enjoy how computers allow people to communicate in new and faster ways. Some see computer science as a gateway to career opportunities.

Creative Problem Solving

At Wheaton, we believe computer science is not about the technical details of this or that technology, but about problem-solving. One of the most interdisciplinary fields, computer science connects to work in the sciences, social sciences, literature and music, not just providing computing technology aids, but also training the mind for the rigorous, logical thinking required by each discipline.

Computer science isn't just about programming, but it involves a lot of it. Programming is one of the most creative human activities as a programmer can create nearly unlimited worlds in the most flexible medium possible: software.

The Computer Science Experience at Wheaton

Innovative Curriculum

The computer science faculty at Wheaton have crafted a home-grown curriculum that is suited for our top-quality students, adapted to the liberal arts environment, continuously updated with the changes in technology, and honed to prepare our students to compete in the modern marketplace. Explore some of the curricular innovations that provide the key classroom experiences.

Early Exposure to Software Development

One of the formative experiences is the software development course, CSCI 335. Most of the work is done in a semester-long group project where students produce a major piece of software. Software engineering courses are common in computer science programs, but Wheaton is unusual in placing this experience early in the major—students jokingly refer to the course as "sophomore development." View some of the software development projects these students have worked on.

Top-Notch Peers

What are Wheaton computer science majors like? As a student in our department, one of the most important aspects of your experience here is your peers. Check out the profiles of some recent and current computer science majors and minors.

Resources and Opportunities

The computer science department at Wheaton offers many opportunities and resources to connect with other students and apply what you're learning including:

  • Computer Science Lab
  • Programming Competitions
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Special Events and Speakers

Learn More

Is Wheaton's computer science program the right fit for you? Contact the department to ask questions or schedule a visit.


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