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The Wheaton College Chemistry Department combines academic rigor and thoughtful faith with a flexible approach. You will be challenged to engage deeply in the process of scientific inquiry and prepared for a wide range of careers and professions.


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Chemistry major Johanna Barbour,'18, who has been working in the Lovaasen Research Lab under the direction of Dr. Ben Lovaasen, recently published a paper, "Chromium(III) Bis-Arylterpyridyl Complexes with Enhanced Visible Absorption via Incorporation of Intraligand Charge Transfer Transitions."

The authors of the paper are, in addition to Ms. Barbour, Amy J. I. Kim, Elsemarie deVries, Sarah E. Shaner, and Benjamin M. Lovaasen and it appeared in the American Chemical Society Journal.

You can find her article, which was published June 30, 2017, at the Inorganic Chemistry website.
Congratulations, Johanna and Dr. Lovaasen!


Chemistry at Wheaton

What Can You Do with a Chemistry Major?

Chemistry has a long, distinguished history at Wheaton College. The chemistry major has been offered since 1905 and our program has been continually certified by the American Chemical Society since 1948. The ACS also certifies the department in biochemistry. Our graduates are prepared for:

  • graduate studies in chemistry and allied areas
  • entry into health professions
  • work in industry and government
  • work in business, especially technical areas
  • teaching at the secondary level

The mastery of analytical and problem-solving techniques provides an excellent basis for a wide range of service, management and leadership roles in society.

The Wheaton College chemistry degree prepares students for the finest graduate and medical schools in the country.  In our long history we have had students accepted at virtually all the top graduate and medical schools.  Here are a few of the universities our students have been admitted to in the last five years:

Chemistry Doctoral Programs

  • Caltech
  • UC Berkeley
  • U of Wisconsin
  • U of Chicago
  • Northwestern U
  • U of Illinois
  • U of North Carolina
  • Princeton
  • Texas A&M
  • U of Minnesota

Medical Schools

  • Washington U
  • Vanderbilt
  • U of Illinois
  • Mayo
  • Rush
  • U of Iowa (Carver College of Medicine)
  • Indiana U
  • Loyola (Stritch School of Medicine)
  • Northwestern U (Feinberg School of Medicine)

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