Business and Economics Department


Business Economics Students at Wheaton College

The Department of Business and Economics offers majors in Economics and in Business/Economics and a minor in Economics. The programs build on the best from the liberal arts foundation and are intentional about integrating the Christian faith and perspective with the study of economic life.

Our Mission

The mission of the Business and Economics Department is to develop students' intellectual competence in the disciplines of business and economics in ways that integrate Christian values, foster Christian character, and inspire commitment to build the church and influence society worldwide. This mission occurs in a learning environment that is intellectually stimulating, honest and professional.

Student Learning Outcomes

Development implies growth. For this mission to be realized, the programs and efforts of the department focus on fostering growth in the following areas:

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the key sub-disciplines of their major in either Economics or Business/Economics and of related supporting disciplines. 
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate biblical and theological principles and values with economic and business reasoning.
  • Students will demonstrate how their knowledge and skills in business and economics will help them to build the church and improve society worldwide.  

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