Modular/Intensive Program

For students taking modular or intensive courses


Summer 2016

Dear Student,

Learning is a lifelong endeavor.  We are excited to see you continue your education as an adult learner here at Wheaton College.  Student Health Services (SHS) desires to assist you in completing your educational experience in a healthy community. 

Though you will be studying intermittently here on campus, there are still some requirements regarding your health and health insurance that apply to you.  SHS will mail and/or email you a packet, as soon as we know about your acceptance, to the address you have provided the Admissions Office.  This packet will describe what medical and insurance requirements are needed, as well as deadlines.  After you are accepted, SHS will communicate these requirements via your my.wheaton email account and not your personal email accounts. 

Modular students completing 6 or more credit hours in one semester/term will be required to show the following requirements within a date no greater than 12 months before classes begin for this program.

  •  Immunities (vaccination or blood test) for two measles, mumps, rubella vaccines.  If you were born prior to 1957 you are exempt from this requirement.
  •  Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis booster within the last 10 years must be officially documented by a licensed health care provider. 
  •  Tuberculosis (TB) screening (further tests may be required) 
  •  Medical history (one page form filled out by student)

Please let SHS know if you have further questions or concerns.  We can also assist you in completing many of these requirements right here at SHS.

Stay healthy,

Britt Black

Director Student Health Services

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