Fall 2014- Undergrad Students

New Students



   1. Health Entrance Requirements: Completed Forms for Medical History, Physical Exam, Immunizations


In order to establish your confidential personal health file, to identify any special health needs, and to comply with Illinois State post-secondary laws, please read the following closely. Each student is required to complete the following medical requirements. Please take the forms to your physician and complete the following: the medical history form (to be filled out by student), physical examination (may include blood test per physician discretion) within a year of beginning classes, tuberculosis screening and immunization certificate. The State of Illinois and Wheaton College require certain immunizations with valid dates and a physician's stamp before your college registration is complete. The forms are due to Student Health Services by July 10, 2014. You must contact Student Health Services if you are not be able to comply with deadline by this date. Provisions may or may not be provided. Students not in compliance with the medical history form, tuberculosis screening, immunizations and the physical examination requirements by this deadline will be assessed a non-refundable $100.00 late processing fee and placed on registration hold. The registration hold will only be released after the requirements have been met. Transfer students may provide a copy of their physical exam, immunization records and tuberculosis screening from their previous college for review.

  2. Wheaton Passage Participants

Students participating in Wheaton Passage at Honey Rock will need to complete all medical entrance requirements and submit required documents to Wheaton College Student Health Services by July 10, 2014. They will also to be required to fill out medical information for Honey Rock as part of their online application.  For more information about Honey Rock’s requirements, go to www.wheaton.edu/HoneyRock/Students/Passage.


  3. New/Transferring Intercollegiate Athletes

On January 21, 2013 the NCAA mandated that all Division III intercollegiate athletes be tested for this trait prior to practice or play.  A positive diagnosis does not impede the athlete from practice or play; moreover it provides a safe environment and pre knowledge of the athlete’s possible physical needs. Varsity student-athletes should complete this sickle cell trait blood test as part of their college entrance physical.  If this is not possible, Student Health Services has laboratory capabilities on campus.  For further details regarding sickle cell trait, please visit www.NCAA.org. For more information on this requirement, to request a waiver for this test please contact the Athletic Training Office directly at 630-752-5738. You can also visit the website http://athletics.wheaton.edu and read more about this requirement.

  4. Student Health Services: Nurses, Physicians, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Dietician, Massage Therapist

SHS is a fully equipped medical office conveniently located in the center of campus. ALL students and their spouses are able to utilize these services regardless of health insurance. Students have access to visits with nurses on a walk-in basis for no charge. A fee is charged for physician and nurse practitioner visits, lab tests, medicines and some procedures. These charges are transferred to the student account for payment. A statement of charges is sent to the patient‘s college mailbox for the student to submit to their insurance company for possible reimbursement. SHS does not bill health insurance companies directly. Transportation is available for off-campus medical appointments through our free medical shuttle service. SHS is open Monday- Friday 7:30am-5:00pm and Saturday 10am-12pm during the academic year. Other available services are listed on the SHS website.  

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