Modular/Intensive Program Students

For students taking modular or intensive courses


Spring 2015

Dear New and Continuing Modular/Intensive course Graduate Student,


Welcome to Wheaton College. There are many things to do in preparation for starting your classes.  This letter pertains to a very important requirement that could have a big impact on your health, as well as your finances during your time at Wheaton.

Wheaton College is proactive about providing a healthy environment for our community of learners. To ensure that students get the medical care they need to stay in class and to avoid the potential hardship of incurred medical expenses, as well as protecting our community, all students are required to show or purchase health insurance.  

If you are new or returning domestic modular student with current insurance coverage and will be studying at Wheaton College in the year 2015, please send a copy of your health insurance card, back and front, to You may also fax it to 630-752-5575. The deadline for this requirement is January 2, 2015.

If you are a domestic student with no health insurance coverage, you will be required to purchase short term coverage during your time of study at Wheaton College. You can sign up for short term coverage and send this to the Health Insurance office or the Health Insurance office can assist you in finding a product that meets your needs. The deadline for completion of this is January 2, 2015.

If you do not or cannot provide this proof of insurance by this deadline a registration hold and possible late fee will be applied. The hold will be released when adequate health insurance is proven.  The late fee is nonrefundable.

If you are an international student (F1 or visitor visa), you will be required to purchase short term health insurance.  Please provide the Health Insurance office with a copy of your flight information so that you can be enrolled into a short term health insurance product.  The cost of this product will be billed to your student account.


If you should have further questions, please direct your questions to

Thank you for tending to this detail promptly.

All communication from the Health Insurance office will be made to your my.wheaton email account only. Please monitor this account often.

Contact information:

Phone: 630-752-5072
Fax: 630-752-5575

Please let our office know if you have further questions,

Britt Black
Director Student Health Services

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