Insurance Information & Requirements

We believe that it is essential for students to be protected against high medical costs caused by illnesses, injuries and chronic health issues. This protection is best found by utilizing a robust health insurance that students can access right here at college in the Wheaton College community.


College is a rare opportunity in a person's life. There will likely be no other time in their life that they can dedicate four solid years to education and learning. Health insurance is one of the guarantees that can allow students this continuity and assurance that they can complete college. All too often, situations arise in which a student requires medical or mental health needs beyond what Wheaton College Student Health Services can provide. Wheaton College has set up guidelines of comparable coverage to assist families in knowing if their student will be covered for any medical services.

Wheaton College has been a leader and a servant in this community for over 150 years. Relationships are essential in community. SHS is privileged to work with many dedicated medical professionals in the community to give excellent and complete service to students. Assuring that Wheaton College students have adequate coverage continues to enhance SHS relationships with the medical providers that we refer students to.

Wheaton College practices a "hard waiver" insurance program. This simply means that every student required to show proof of health insurance will be billed a six(6)-month premium for Student Health Insurance to their student account. Each student must prove that they have comparable coverage by completing and submitting an on-line waiver before the deadline before this premium will be removed from their account.

All students required to prove health insurance must do so annually. They will need to complete an on-line waiver at the beginning of each academic year. If you would like to enroll in the Gallagher Student Health Insurance Plan, please continue to their website for instructions under "Student Waive/Enroll." You may read more details in Wheaton College FAQs on Gallagher's website.  If you are an intercollegiate athlete, please call the Athletic Office at (630)752-5738 for more information. Any late arrangements to petition to waive made with Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk will be subject to a late administrative fee. 

Students Insured with Other Health Insurance Plans and Wanting to Waive SHI-

Students insured by another health insurance plan that meets the Wheaton College requirements must complete and submit an online waiver if they do not want to be enrolled on the Wheaton College Student Health Plan. Instructions for submitting the waiver are available at For Summer students, the deadline to submit the 2014-2015 Wheaton College of Illinois Health Insurance Summer Enrollment or Waiver Application is September 11, 2014. Subtracting the fee from your total bill cannot be a substitute for completing the waiver. Failure to complete the waiver by the deadline will result in the mandatory purchase of the College's health plan without the possibility of later waiver, refund, or cancellation.

Although many families may have some form of health insurance, it is important to ensure that students are adequately covered. Please check with your insurance company before making a determination to waive coverage. You will be asked similar questions on the on-line waiver.

Other health insurance plans must have benefits comparable to the Wheaton College Student Health Plan. Comparable insurance plans are required to include:

  1. Adequate coverage within a 4 hour driving radius of the College or the Wheaton College external  location  of study for emergency, urgent, and non-emergency (retail clinics) illness and injury including follow-up care to emergency room treatment.
  2. Adequate primary medical care coverage within a 4 hour driving radius of the College or the related external site, which provides access to a physician, physical therapy, laboratory, diagnostics, prescription medication, and wellness services.
  3. For all HMO plans, a Primary Care Provider within 4 hours of Wheaton must be pre-authorized before arrival on campus or related location of study.  Any restrictive HMO that does not provide coverage for a Primary Care Provider within 4 hours of location of study is not considered adequate comparable coverage. Out of state Medicaid is not comparable coverage. ”
  4. A licensed health insurance policy. Reimbursement/cost sharing plans will not be accepted as comparable coverage.
  5. A United States customer service telephone number for benefit verification. International customer service telephone numbers will not be accepted.
  6. Health insurance coverage for the whole academic year.
  7. Coverage for both in and outpatient mental and behavioral health and substance use services that covers at least 60% of costs with a maximum per condition limit of no less than $50 000.
  8. The plan must have a family deductible of equal to or less than $12 500 and an single deductible of at least $6250
  9. The plan must have a benefit maximum of at least $500,000 /policy year

Is strongly suggested that comparable coverage includes:

  • Coverage anywhere in the world, including medical evacuation or repatriation benefits.
  • A nationwide network of providers for primary and specialty care.


Students should carry their medical identification card with them at all times.

Wheaton College requires the following students to have health insurance benefits comparable to the Wheaton College Student Health Plan:

  • Degree-seeking students regardless of the number of credit hours for which they are registered.
  • Students with off campus study  (Consortium, HNGR, Internship).
  • Psy-D students registered for classes on campus. Off-campus students are not required to meet the health insurance requirements but have the option of enrolling in the plan.
  • Honey Rock students registered for credit hours.
  • Special (non-degree seeking) students registered for 9 or more credit hours.
  • Eastern Tutorial summer students.
  • JUC- New students beginning the Biblical archeology program in the summer in Jerusalem.
  • Modular students taking traditional semester classes


Health Insurance Requirements for Modular/Intensive Classes:

The following must comply with the insurance requirements.

If you are domestic student with current insurance coverage, please send a copy of your health insurance card, back and front, to the  You may also fax it to 630-752-5575.  This should be completed by October 1, 2014. If you are a domestic student with no health insurance coverage, you will be required to purchase a short term coverage during your time of study at Wheaton College.  You can sign up for short term coverage on your own and send this information to the Health Insurance office or  Wheaton College can sign you up for a short term plan. 

  • Institute for Prison Ministries students
  • Modular students

All students regardless of status will be notified of this requirement via their my.wheaton e-mail account. No personal e-mail will be used after students have been accepted.

International Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

First year international students (including Canadian students) who carry a F1 or F2 visa are required to enroll in the Wheaton College Student Health Insurance program for the first year of their study. Also, any dependents who are residing with the student in the United States are required to enroll in the Wheaton College Student Health Insurance Plan. Foreign plans and travel policies are not accepted as they are not considered comparable to the Wheaton College student plan and do not meet the Wheaton College health insurance requirements.


First year international undergraduate and graduate students are automatically enrolled in the Wheaton College student health insurance plan, and the first six month premium will be charged to their student account prior to their arrival. Students whose spouse and/or children will be residing with them in the United States are required to send an email to if a spouse and/or children will be residing with them, the student, in the United States during your time of study.


International students who are in their second or more years of study at Wheaton College may enroll in another United States based PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Plan) compliant plan. This may include the Illinois State Marketplace plans, but excludes short term traveler’s, catastrophe, non-PPACA compliant health insurance plans, and non US based plans. Students must ensure that their dependents are also enrolled in an insurance plan that is PPACA compliant. The student will be required to show proof of coverage for their dependents by emailing the official insurance card or certificate letter to The insurance plan must be capable of providing a carrier status and rating with a PPACA certificate to be valid.


International students in their second year of study or greater may waive out of the student health insurance plan utilizing a PPACA compliant plan contingent that all Wheaton College requirements are met as described above. Eligible non-first year students and their dependents must show a valid certificate of insurance by the deadline of September 11, 2014 without exception.


International students who are 0 credit hours due to master thesis/doctoral dissertation continuation; who are residing in the US; and who are completing this work on or off campus are required to show health insurance and will be billed automatically. They may waive with a PPACA compliant plan contingent it meets all of the Wheaton College insurance requirements.


Students for whom Student Health Insurance is optional:

  • Master's thesis continuation and doctoral dissertation showing zero credits and having paid in full to continue to be active students.
  • PsyD interns taking internship

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